What We Did in Preschool Storytime ONLINE: Friends!

Opening Song: If You’re Ready for a Story, Clap Your Hands!

Max and Bird by Ed Vere

If you haven’t picked up a book in the Max series by Vere, you need to. This series is pure gold. It is the perfect blend of silly and sweet to win over preschoolers and early elementary kiddos. In this book, Max meets Bird and learns about what it means to be a good friend.

Action Song: We Wiggle and We Stop

This song is one I often do using a shaker egg BUT in this storytime, we did it just using our bodies. You can throw any action in you’d like and (depending on the wiggliness your preschoolers are having) you can keep adding actions. You could also do this using scarves. It makes a great transition song because it ends with the action stopping.

Pig and Small by Alex Latimer

This book encourages kids to find things they have in common and can share with their friend instead of focusing on what makes them different. It also has a message of how when someone is important, you find a way to make things work.

You WILL Be My Friend! by Peter Brown

A school social worker recommended this to me years ago and it is still a go-to book for me on friendship. Lucy wants desperately to make a friend, but her approach doesn’t work quite as she expects it too. She finds out that when you just be yourself, friends find you! The illustrations and dialog in this one will have your preschoolers giggling but the message on making friends will stick with them.

Shaker Egg Song: Shake Your Shakers

This is the “easy” version of this song, but is still a lot of fun. It’s a great way to practice opposites and/or directional words. If you are up to a challenge, (which is NOT too hard for preschoolers and is really fun) check out the ladies at Jbrary show a modified version of this song. It will keep the fun going!

Flannel Board Fun: Five Ferocious Lions

I know, I know, this board doesn’t necessarily fit our “Friends” theme today. I do love the rhyme and counting it uses though. While I didn’t do this in storytime (since we read 4 books instead of 3), I would recommend counting back up after the end of this one with the following rhyme to sweeten the ending and to reinforce the idea of what good friends do.

Five Friendly Lions

Deep in the Jungle
What do I Hear?
Five Friendly Lions
Roaring Loud and Clear!
"ROAR!" said the Lions
"Come Play!" I said.
and One Friendly Lion
Ran my way.
Hello Friend!

Bear and Squirrel Are Friends by Deb Pilutti

Can predator and prey really be friends? Even after hibernating all winter long? Funny story with cute illustrations and a solid message on how you can find true friends in the most unlikely people.

And that’s what we did in Preschool Storytime Online! We will dive back into Preschool Storytime Online in September, but if you want additional extension activities other than what I outlined above, check these out!

Miss Marta

What We Did in Storytime For Littles ONLINE: Friends

Opening Song: Well Hello Everybody! Can You Touch Your Nose?

How to Grow a Friend by Sara Gillingham

The charming illustrations in this book just melt my heart and go perfectly with the text to show the ins and outs of friendship.

Flannel Board Fun: Five Ferocious Lions

Play, rhyme, and math come together for a fun flannel story here! If you try this one at home (Yes, it can be done! Just draw or print pictures of lions and do this on a table top) you can get really silly with how the lions runaway and saying goodbye.

Blocks by Irene Dickson

This sweet, simple story focuses on sharing and how play is more fun when we play together. Perfect message for littles who may struggle with sharing. Pictures also contain many picture clues to predict characters feelings so it is a really great social-emotional story and jumping off place for conversations about how we should treat our friends.

Scarf Play: Both of these are from Jbrary and we have used them in previous storytimes. Don’t forget, if you are at home without an actual scarf, blankies, washcloths, or towels make an excellent substitute!

Jack in the Box This rhyme is great for even the littlest littles as it is short and sweet. It also allows for a game a peek-a-boo at the end. Big littles will love tossing their scarf at the end and doing the actions all by themselves.

We Wave Our Scarves Together Great for teaching different action and directional words, this song is a lot of fun. If you have an older little, you can change things up by adding more actions (Twirl, Shake, Toss, Spin, Drop) and you can also change the directional words (Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Under, Over).

Hungry Bird by Jeremy Tankard

The funny thing about recording all your storytimes is that sometimes, you don’t realize there is a problem until it’s too late to fix it. For anyone who watched storytime last week, you didn’t get to hear this awesome book because my camera cut me off and I had no idea it happened! That’s also why there was no official goodbye at the end.

All that said, you should definitely grab this book (or the other two in the series for that matter) the next time you check out books! They are great books about common things kids experience. In this story, Bird and his friends are out on a walk when Bird realizes he didn’t pack a snack and he is hungry. He asks all his friends if they will share with him and his very awesome friends are happy to give him some of their snacks, but Bird thinks their snacks are gross and won’t even give them a try. Bird is in for a big surprise when he finally breaks down and tries a nibble. Truly a great social-emotional story with a good dose of humor!

And that’s (kind of) what we did in Storytime for Littles ONLINE! We are now on a programming break but will be back in September!

Miss Marta

Great Tween Reads

Fins by Randy Wayne Wright

Luke was visiting his grandfather in Florida when he was struck by lightning and he is still recovering. Marta and Sabina are newly arrived from Cuba and struggling to fit in. The three of them are hired to help Doc Ford tag endangered sharks for research to discover why the sharks are disappearing. The three do not get along very well but when they find themselves in danger, they quickly have to figure how to work together if they are going to survive.

This book is full of adventure, twists and turns. Towards the end you won’t be able to put the book down!

Like Nothing Amazing Ever Happened by Emily Blejwas

Justin’s life has changed. Now there are so many things he is trying to figure out and understand. Will his brother go back to playing baseball? Why does his mom all of sudden want to go to church? Does Jenni really like him? When will people start treating him normally again? What happened on the day his Dad died?

Some answers can’t be found but through this thought provoking book there is humor, friendship and love as Justin tries to find his way forward.

I loved this quiet read as it explores difficult topics such as the after effects of war, death and finding out what’s important.

The Longest Night of Charlie Noon by Christopher Edge

Imagine starting a walk in the woods on a sunlit afternoon to see whatever it is your friend wants to show you. Then imagine someone playing a trick on you which ends up with the now three of you getting lost in the woods, in the dark. It quickly becomes a very long night. Now add in unusual and dangerous sights, sounds, and experiences. What was a long night suddenly becomes the longest night ever. This book wasn’t what I thought it was going to be when I started. There is one surprise after another that keeps you reading to find out how it ends.

When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller

A wonderful mix of storytelling, myth and coming of age. Lily, her sister Sam and their mom are moving in with their sick halmoni (grandmother). On the car trip there, Lily screams for her mom to stop the car because there is a very mean, hungry tiger in the middle of the road. A tiger that only Lily can see. A tiger that she keeps seeing. A tiger that is threatening her family. Lily does everything to trap the tiger and in the process makes many discoveries.

A beautiful insight to Korean American culture.

Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow by Jennifer Townsend

If you haven’t read the first book in the series (Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow), read that one first! This fantasy series is full of adventure, danger and incredibly unique places and situations. If you have read the first book, then you will be happy to know the second book is as great as the first one!

The second book brings Morrigan to school only to find out she’s not allowed to take the normal Mundane or Arcane art classes. Her classmates get to take courses like Dragonriding, Stealth, Evasion, and Concealment, or Magnificat Care. Not her. She’s stuck in the dry Wundersmith history class all by herself. Boorrring! Soon her classmates are set against her because of an unknown blackmailer and humans and wunimals are disappearing. Formidable challenges are set up against her. If only she had a knack, some skill to fight back with like breathing underwater. But she doesn’t have one – or does she? Danger lurks everywhere, often when you least expect it. In this series you’ll encounter terrifying places like the Ghastly Market and the Museum of Stolen Memories as well as creative and delightful places like the Hotel Deucalion.

The books are fun, charming, scary, and exciting. What’s more, the third one is coming out in October! Enjoy!

What We Did in Preschool Storytime ONLINE: UNDERWEAR!

Opening Song: If You’re Ready for a Story, Clap Your Hands!

Creepy Pair of Underwear!

by Aaron Reynolds

This hilarious story with noir-style illustrations follows Jasper bunny as he tries to ditch his creepy underwear. Sure to get some giggles and great for predicting what will come next with each escapade!

Flannel Board Fun: Five Pair of Underpants

This fun flannel board is great for subtracting and counting down from 5 to 1.

The Brief Thief by Michael Escoffier

If you love books with surprise endings and hilarious dialog… you’re welcome! Preschooler approved and amazing pictures.

Scarf Songs: These are both from Jbrary and yes, we have done them before. Repetition is great for learning and so you will notice that we cycle through songs. This allows your kiddo to become very familiar with the songs and build confidence and memorization skills just to mention a couple benefits.

Don’t forget! If you are at home with no scarf, substitute in a blanket, towel, or washcloth!

Wave Your Scarf

To the tune of London Bridge, this songs is great and can be extended with opposite actions. Perfect for getting wiggles out for even the most active preschooler!

We Wave Our Scarves Together

This one is another great one for being active. You can change up the activities to do with your scarf throughout so it will keep kids guessing what comes next.

Dance! Dance! Underpants! by Bob Shea

I am always surprised at how many of our patrons aren’t familiar with Ballet Cat. I’m a big fan. The illustrations match up with Shea’s humorous writing. In this story, Butter Bear keeps making hilarious excuses to avoid doing a Super-High leap, Ballet Cat’s favorite! Hmmm… why would Butter Bear not want to leap? Let’s just say the answer fits the theme and will have your preschoolers laughing.

And that’s what we did in Preschool Storytime ONLINE! If you have a preschool friend still working on potty training, stories like this are a great way to get them excited about big kid underwear. We have tons of resources in our Parent Teacher collection as well. Some resources are for you and your child to share together like storybooks and DVDs while others are geared specifically at caregivers who are helping children tackle these milestones. For more information, call or stop in! In the meantime, here are some online resources that might be helpful:

Miss Marta

What Is This New Tween Section All About?

If you’ve been in the library lately, you have probably noticed that the children’s department is changing. Items have been moved around. A lot of items. In fact a whole new collection was created!

Have you seen this label and wondered what it was? Well, this is a book in our NEW Tween collection. This is a collection of books geared specifically at kids in grades 5 through 8.

In this collection, you will find a full range of genres to hit every interest level. The topics are perfect for the late elementary/middle school crowd. From a parent perspective, it is much easier to ensure your child is getting a book that is appropriately challenging but not overwhelming.

Browsing this new section is designed to be easier for kids to find the right book at the right interest level for them. To make it even easier, you will see genre stickers on some titles allowing kids and parents to grab a titles in genres they know they enjoy.

This new section isn’t done growing yet either! As you head back to school, we will be working hard to create the Tween Graphic Novels collection as well as the Tween Audio Books collection.

The next time you are in, be sure to check out this new collection. You will find some old favorites along with the newest in middle grade fiction here just waiting for you!

Miss Marta

Summer Reading Prize Pickup Begins TODAY!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! If you made it halfway or finished Summer Reading, you can now collect your prizes! Just click here to fill out the Prize Pickup Form, then come in to grab your goodies.

In the interest of keeping everyone safe and healthy, we DO NOT need to see reading logs this year so please leave them at home. If you do not have internet access, we will help you fill out the online form when you come to collect prizes.

The last day to pick up prizes is August 24th.

What We Did in Storytime for Littles ONLINE: No More Diapers!

This is one of my favorite storytime themes! Learning how to potty is such a big deal in the life of a little one (and their grownup!) so I love being able to share resources to add to the excitement and help get everyone ready.

Opening Song: Well Hello Everybody! Can You Touch Your Nose?

underwear book

The Underwear Book by Todd Parr

This is a silly story all about underwear does and don’ts!

Flannel Board Fun: Five Little Babies

This flannel board is one I really love with this age group despite being a little long. The fact that we count down from 5 and then back up makes it a winner in my book!

We’ve had this one in our flannel board collection for quite some time, and since I’m not the original creator, I’m not certain who to credit for the great idea.

No More Diapers for Ducky!

by Bernadette Ford

This is a sweet story. I love the fact that Ducky decides to give the potty a try after finding out his friend Piggy is going potty like a big kid. For so many kids, this is a real motivating factor so having a character show this same curiosity and excitement is very relateable for them.

Scarf Play: Both of these rhymes came from Jbrary. Yes, we have done them before in case you are wondering. At this age, repetition is a great tool for learning and developing so we do a lot of it.

Jack in the Box

This one is great for our youngest littles because it is short, very rhythmic, and has a great built in chance for peek-a-boo games. It also allows them to anticipate what is coming next if sung enough times and as they grow you will get giggles as they wait for Jack in the Box to pop out.

One Bright Scarf

Older littles get a kick out of this one. It’s great in working with learning directional words like “high” and “low” and the actions are simple enough that after a few times through they will confidently be doing them on their own. Not to mention the end of the rhyme let’s them hide their scarf and make it reappear which always leads to silly fun!

What Color is Your Underwear?

by Sam Lloyd

This silly lift-the-flap story has everyone giggling and guessing.

And that’s what we did in Storytime for Littles ONLINE! Did you know we have a section specifically for parents and teachers that is filled with great resources not only to share with your child but to help you navigate these new milestones too? Well, now you do! You’re welcome. Just ask it about it the next time you are in and we’ll be happy to show you! Looking for more great resources? Check out this list of ideas!

Miss Marta