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What We Did In Storytime: Welcome Back!


Welcome back!  We were so excited to have Storytime start back up, we didn’t have a real theme this week, but we did have LOTS of fun!



Opening Song: Well Hello Everybody Can You Touch Your Nose?

Source: jbrary

Today’s actions were touch your nose, pat your head, rub your tummy, and clap your hands.


Making a Friend

by Alison McGhee





Scarf Play:

These great songs were found over at teachingmama.com.  This site is filled with great resources!  When I saw the two songs on here, I knew they would be perfect for some scarf play and I was right!  We had a ball with these!

Make a Snowball

(to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Make a snowball, Make a snowball (gather scarf into a ball in cupped hands)

Throw it now, throw it now (toss scarf up and catch it)

Make a snowball, make a snowball (gather scarf into a ball in cupped hands)

Throw it now, throw it now (toss scarf up and catch it)

I’m a Little Snowman

(to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little teapot, short and stout,

Here are my buttons (hold scarf down the front of you where shirt buttons would be)

Here is my hat (put scarf on top of head)

When the sun comes out (hold scarf over head between your hands)

I can’t stay!

Slowly I will melt away (drop scarf to the floor)


Please Mr. Panda

by Steve Antony

Usually I wouldn’t read a book like this with Littles, but knowing we had older siblings still out of school on winter break, I went ahead.  For the Littles in the room, it is a good book to reinforce the importance of the words “please” and “thank you” even thought the humor of the book is a bit out of their reach.  For my preK and older friends visiting for the day, it is a fun choice!  It was also nice to model reading a book with a wide age group so I could show ways to incorporate everyone into the fun!


Flannel Play: Mmm Donuts


Miss Tess created this cute flannel board for us.  She was inspired by this post at thelionisabookworm.blogpost.com.  This flannel board was awesome for out littles!  It has counting and color fun.  The moment I revealed it, I had many of my little friends pop up and come right up to the board to help Mr. Panda get his donuts!  You could adjust the number of donuts used based on the age group you are working with.  Today, we did 5 and it was about perfect for our Littles.






Down around the corner,

At the Bakery Shop,

There were 5 Little donuts

with frosting on top.


Along came Mr. Panda,

Hungry for a treat,

and picked the (select a color) one

to take home and eat!


And that’s what we did in Storytime for Littles to kick off 2020!  We had some really fun play stations including some amazing sensory snow play (no actual snow required!  Find the recipe here), a Toy Painting station, a spray bottle foam board to build a fun winter scene, and cookie baking station just to name a few!

Check back next week to see what Miss Jessica will do in Storytime for Littles!

Miss Marta

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