The First Flute – Stories from Around the World

On Friday, July 6th, at 2:00pm,  Christine Buik will present:  The First Flute – Stories from Around the World!   This program is best suited for ages 4 and older.

Here’s what to expect, straight from Christine Buik’s flyer:

“Flutes from around the world are played on our journey. Bone flutes, clay flutes, bamboo flutes wooden flutes, metal flutes, shell flutes, PVC flutes! Stories from many cultures are shared. Audience participation in the “jam band” with authentic rhythm instruments!”

Image result for christine buik and first flute

And, as an added bonus, Christine will be bringing a corn snake as well!

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Don’t miss this special event!

Sponsored by American Bank and Trust


Miss Teresa

The Sandbox returns, and Summer Reading too!

You loved the sandbox last summer and were disappointed when it left in the fall. Great news the sandbox will be back in June!

Reading Takes You Everywhere is the summer reading theme this year and we are doing countries and Egypt is one of those countries. You will be able to attempt to build a sand pyramid in the sandbox along with whatever your imagine inspires you to try.

The Children’s staff looks forward to helping you find books to make your summer fly, whether it be a book about sharks, aliens, Legos, poetry, graphic, fiction or world history. We will do our best to find a book for you.

As always each week we will have a different activity for you to try.

Drop in and ask us a question.

Miss Sarah

Storytime is the Best!

Last evening I stepped in for a coworker and did her Littles (birth to 3) story time.

I had the best time! Of course the kids were adorable and the parents were fantastic. But this time everything ran like clockwork, with a couple adorable hiccups.

The box of shaky eggs was opened early by a little one, but she shared with the others. It was so cute. I had a few rhythms to read by but it was a soft sound. I adjusted & did a shaky egg song a bit earlier than planned.

The little ones were attentive to the stories and I read with newfound confidence and enthusiasm. The stories rolled off my tongue, as the pages turned the little ones were waiting to find out what happened next.

Titles for this story time:

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball by Vicki Churchill

Ten Hungry Pigs by Derek Anderson

Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

Popcorn Kernels (to the tune of Frere Jacques) was the scarf action play and we all smiled when one of the little ones took my scarf too.  It is such a fun song with little ones!

(waving scarf in the air)      Popcorn kernels, popcorn kernels

(balling scarf in hands)       in the pot, in the pot

(Shaking hands cupped      shake them, shake them, shake them

around scarf)                      shake them, shake them, shake them

(throwing scarf in the air)  ‘Til they POP! ‘Til they POP!     


There were a few tears at the end when a little one didn’t want to leave.

The stars aligned, the little ones and their parents were in great moods and it flowed.

It was pretty close to perfect.  Nah, it was perfect!

Miss Sarah