What does “IN-PROCESS” mean?

Have you ever wondered, when you search our catalog for a book title, what it means when the status says “IN-PROCESS”?  Well, here’s the low-down…. it means that the book has been ordered, purchased, and received in the library.  The book has been stamped with a date and library logo;  had a spine label, plastic jacket cover, and library barcode applied; and entered into the library database.  However, it’s not QUITE available for you to check out.  Why not, you ask? It’s because the library staff gets to have the “first look”, and we’re anxious to see if that title we ordered lives up to the good review it got, before we put it out on the new shelf for you to check out!  We also want to get first “dibs” on a potential storytime read-aloud.

We LOVE it when our technical services staff rolls a new book cart into our office;  it’s like getting lots of presents all at once. Sometimes we fight over who gets to look at the cart first!  Usually we are able to share; sometimes when we find a particularly good read-aloud book, we spontaneously read it aloud to whoever is in the office with us!  The other day, Marta and Teresa did an impromptu two-voice read aloud of I Want to Be in a Scary Story by Sean Taylor, complete with silly and scary voices!  Sometimes we have a little too much fun!

So, the next time you see that status of “IN-PROCESS”, please feel free to ask us if you could, pretty please, have a look at the book yourself?  Most likely the answer will be YES.  We might even read it aloud to you!

Miss Teresa



Blogging?! Me ?!

Blog Post Ideas – HELP!



My supervisor has decided that each member of the Children’s Department will write a weekly blog post. OMG! Panic has gripped me. Can I find 52 things to write about each year that have relevance to the Children’s Department and that anyone will want to read? Panic mode.


I usually reread my email twice before I send them. I do bullet points so that I don’t have to worry about sentence structure and paragraphs. And now I need to put myself out there and attempt to be coherent. Dang! So I decided to just grab the bull by the horns and write whatever came to me. Margins – check. Font – check. Font size – check.  Pretty color for font – check. Well that took a minute and I am nowhere near actually typing a thought.  Nothing came to me.


Took my break and I came up with a few – so much for break time…


  • Programs in the Children’s Department
  • Favorite new books
  • Favorite read aloud books for story time
  • Favorite kid stories that happened in the library
  • Things that have happened in the department that other people can relate with
  • Seasonal crafts that I have tried or will try for the post
  • 10 books I can’t live without


I just might be able to do this…  What topics would help you and your child explore the world of Libraryland, books, and reading?  Comment below!

Miss Sarah



Spread the word! Exploratorium is about to restart for the school year. What is Exploratorium? It’s a chance to try your hand at something new each week. It might be messy, it might be creative, it might be scientific, or it might be something totally bizarre. You can check at the Children’s Desk to find out each topic during the month. On Wednesday, September 13 we will kick-off the series with the Science of Spin. The Grout Museum will be at our library to put a new spin on art using whirly-gigs, gyroscopes and tops to create spin art and color wheels. It’s a fun-filled program that will have everyone spinning science and art so fast you might get dizzy!

You don’t need to register for this free program. Just stop on by the children’s program room between 2:00pm-3:30pm for the fun.

See you there!


About The Grout Museum District and the Carl A. and Peggy J. Bluedorn Science Imaginarium:

The Grout Museum of History and Science features permanent and continually changing exhibitions of area history, regional flora and fauna, and the only public planetarium in Northeast Iowa, which holds weekly shows.

Science comes alive at the Carl A. and Peggy J. Bluedorn Science Imaginarium, a three-floor, interactive science center. Here, hands-on exhibits show how science affects your everyday life. Science Demonstrations get you even more involved in the action, and show you how exciting science can be.

Miss Christina

New This Fall!

September is such a strange month in Libraryland.  It goes from the hustle and bustle of summer reading to an eerie sort of calm.  Programming still goes on, the preschoolers and baby/toddler set still keep us busy, but it is just a different energy.  It is a bittersweet time, to be honest.


The great thing about September? NEW PROGRAMS!!!  That’s right!  We have new stuff kicking into gear that should bring a smile to every kiddo’s (and parent’s) face.  Let me take a minute to share with you our amazing Fall lineup.  From new programs, revived programs, and extended programs, we have something for all ages!

Check out what we have in store!

Story Time for Littles

This program is not new, by any means!  In fact, it is one of our most popular programs.  That is way starting in September, Story Time for Littles will be offered each month!  We are so happy to announce this program will now run September through November, take a break off during the month of December, then will be back from January through May.  Join us each Monday morning at either our 9:30 or 10:45 session!  It is a great time to share stories, songs, rhymes, art, and play with your little one.  It is geared at ages birth to 36 months, but as always, siblings are welcome!  If Monday mornings aren’t your thing, don’t forget we offer an evening session twice a month!  Check out the details here.



Come explore what’s new, trending, or just plain exciting at Spotlight On…!  The theme is never the same.  This program offers hands-on opportunities to take a deeper, fun approach to popular trending topics like spies, Pokemon, cartooning and comics, robotics, and more.  Program topics will be announced each month and we LOVE suggestions, so if there is a topic, game, or trend sweeping your school that you want to learn more about, let us know!  This program will take place on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 and will be replacing Lego Lab.  September’s theme is Spy School where we will take a look at some really cool spy hacks and skills that every kid should know just in time for the latest installment of Stuart Gibb’s Spy School series


Exploratorium Junior 

It’s BA-AAACK!  By popular demand, we are bringing back Exploratorium Junior.  This program has all the hands-on fun of our regular school-aged Exploratorium but with little bodies and brains in mind!  Preschool and toddler kiddos will have the chance to explore STEAM-based experiments and activities with their grown-up while hearing some great stories to learn even more about the topic of the night!  This program will be offered the fourth Monday of the month at 6 p.m. starting in September and will be replacing Family Story Time.  Straw Rockets is the first topic and should be loads of fun!

Come join us for these and our regular programs such as Creativity Lab, Exploratorium, Preschool Story Time, and more!

Miss Marta


Starry Night Watercolor

starry night

Here’s a fun project we did last month in our Creativity Lab!

  1. Using a pencil on watercolor paper, draw a large jar with a lid. Draw the outline of three fireflies inside the jar.
  2. Paint the lid of the jar with purple, red and black watercolors.
  3. Paint the inside of the jar, leaving a circle of white around each of the fireflies- this will be their glow in the next step! Paint the inside of the jar like a night sky, using blue, purple, red and black to create a galaxy look. Let this dry a little, so that it’s damp but not wet.
  4. Paint the fireflies and the circle of white with bright yellow, and let it gently bleed into the blue around them. Dab just a drop of orange into the body of the fireflies and let it bleed outward. Let it dry!
  5. Once everything is dry, use a Sharpie or black marker to outline the body of the fireflies and fill in their heads. Use a silver, white or gold Sharpie or marker to outline the wings and draw stars in the jar surrounding the fireflies.

For step by step picture instructions, click here  to see Kathy at kathy-angelnik’s original post. Thanks Kathy! We loved this project!

Miss Janna

New Picture Books


Here’s a few picture books that you’ll be seeing on the NEW shelf!

Little Red Riding Sheep by Linda Ravin Lodding

Arnold, a sheep, (a Heidschnucke sheep, to be exact!), keeps inserting himself into this re-telling of the timeless fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.  There’s a few problems, however; he’s a bit too big and fluffy to be playing the part of Little Red, he’s afraid of the woods, and well, he’s not afraid to talk back.

The Mermaid by Jan Brett

Kiniro is a young mermaid that comes upon a house made of coral and seashells, and makes herself at home by eating a just-right breakfast, sitting in a pretty chair, and resting on a comfy bed.  When the octopus family returns home to find her asleep, she quickly leaves, but not without leaving a special gift for baby octopus!

Say Zoopby Herve Tullet

If you had fun with the author’s other books such as “Press Here”, “Mix It Up” or “Let’s Play” – you’re sure to love his newest creation.  Starting with saying out loud a simple “AH!” and “OH!”,  keep turning  the pages to take an incredible trip of sound, motion and imagination, culminating in the word “ZOOP!”  Sure to have you laughing out loud, and perhaps a bit breathless, by the end.

World Pizza by Cece Meng

When Mama searches the sky for a wishing star and sneezes while making her wish, her wish for world peace becomes world “pizza”.  When pizzas start dropping from the sky all over the world, love and kindness fill everyone’s hearts.

Grandma’s Tiny House by JaNay Brown-Wood

Counting from 1 (Grandma)  to 15 (hungry grandkids) this sweet rhyming story celebrates families, food, and fun.  Will everyone fit in Grandma’s tiny house! Count your way through to the end to find out.


Miss Teresa