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Fun and Exciting Things to Do This Summer!


Space and Weather Websites for Kids

Do you have a kiddo who loves all things space and weather?  If so, check out these awesome websites!

NASA Space Place at


This site is so cool!  It is filled with fun facts, games, crafts, and media about all things space from NASA Science.  The layout is very clean and easy for kids and grownups to navigate.  The games are engaging, and the site can also be viewed in Spanish, as well, which is nice.  Super fun and easy way to increase your NASA knowledge!

SciJinks at


SciJinks from NOAA has tons of weather and meteorology information, media, and games.  This site is a targeted at middle schoolers, so older kids could navigate it easily, but younger ones might need some guidance with the games and reading.  One feature I really like is the Answer section, where there are different weather questions and short and long answers.  Very cool!

Miss Tess


What We Did in Storytime – Ducks and Trucks



Storytime for Littles is back!  We had a fun time today talking about Ducks and Trucks!

Open Song: The Arms Go Up and Down

I found this gem over at Jbrary and couldn’t wait to share it with our Littles!  It worked best with toddlers but wasn’t at all difficult to adapt for infants.  I had parents touch, tap, or move the body part we sang out in time with the rhythm of the song.  The set list only says arms but we also did feet, moving our head side to side, and our bodies round and round.


Shaker Eggs:  Shaker Egg Song by Mister Q

If you haven’t heard this tune before, I highly recommend it.  Kids get to do a variety of actions with their shaker eggs and then have to stop before they move on to the next thing.  This one make practicing a little self control really fun!


Firefighter Duckies

by Frank Dormer


This book was one that was new to me.  So glad I found it because kids and parents alike loved it.  The humor is geared toddler/prek, but younger Littles liked the nice big pictures and the silly voices I used when reading.


Put Your Hands Up High

The Littles really loved this song.  Who doesn’t like to pretend to be a duck?!  It was the perfect way to get some wiggles out before more great books!  Credit to Jbrary for sharing this one!


My Friend Duck

I really wanted to start back after summer break with a Flannel Board that was new and fun.  We have many Duck and even Truck themed ones, but none were exciting so I wandered over to Storytime in the Stacks site and found this fun flannel game.  The kids loved that we would count to three then yank the trucks off the board to see if Duck was underneath.  There was a lot of giggling with this one and it was super easy to create.  I just grabbed a free truck template online, cut 5 different colored trucks, grabbed a duck that was already made from a different flannel story and was ready for storytime!


Tip Tip Dig Dig

by Emma Garcia


This book is always a win with its fun sounds and big bright colorful trucks.


I had One Bright Scarf on my list of songs for today since it segued nicely after seeing so many colors in our last story, but the Littles were ready to play and explore so I will use it another time.


Check back next week to see what fun Miss Jessica has with Storytime for Littles!

Miss Marta

Five on Friday: What to Do at the Library Besides Borrow Books

Five on Friday

It’s the first Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for another Five on Friday! This month, I’ve put together a list of five things you can do at the public library besides borrow books. Some of these are specific to Moline Public Library, but I bet other libraries have a lot of these available too.

1. Get on the computer. At Moline Public Library we have several computers for patrons to use for word processing and getting online. In the Children’s department we also have some super-fun AWE computers that are preloaded with lots of fun kid-friendly games.
2. Borrow something other than a book. Board games, movies, video games, magazines, music CDs, science kits, phonics kits, tablets, local attraction passes, puzzles, puppets, and audiobooks are all available for checkout at Moline Public Library. Take a look at our catalog here!
3. Attend a program. Summer reading has wrapped up for the year, but we have awesome program available year-round, including storytimes, musical performances, arts and crafts, author appearances, STEM themed activities, and much, much more. You can check out our upcoming events on our calendar here.
4. Do homework. Our study rooms are available for anyone to use for a quiet place to work. tutor dot com, and of course we’re happy to help you find books about your subject.
5. Play! Toys, crayons and coloring pages, train table, Duplo building blocks table, giant Connect 4, board games, puzzles, puppets, and more are all available to check out or play with here at the library!

And that’s it for this month! I hope you keep this in mind the next time you visit the library. Be sure to check back in September, same bat time, same bat channel for the next 5 on Friday.

Miss Jessica