Reading on the Go

Reading to a toddler can be challenging.  How can you possibly get this new mover to sit and listen to a book?  Don’t be discouraged if your little one crawls or walks away while you’re reading.  You can either just keep reading, so that they can at least hear the story while they do something else, or try again later.  And don’t expect to finish every book that you start.  The act of reading will become easier the more you do it, and you’ll eventually see payoff to your perseverance.

The key can often be to make the book you’re reading as interactive as possible.  Look for books with rhyming, participation elements (pointing out colors, songs, etc), bright colors, and early learning skills (counting, color recognition, etc). Below we have compiled a list of some of our favorite interactive books to share with your little mover.  Happy reading!


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And don’t forget to bring your little one to Baby Bounce (birth-18 months) or Wee Wigglers (18-36 months)!  These interactive early literacy programs are a perfect way to introduce your little one to new books, rhymes, songs, and fun!