Visiting the Figge Art Museum

The Figge is up next.

The Figge Art Museum is located in downtown Davenport, near Modern Woodman Park and the Centennial Bridge at 225 West 2nd Street

The pass from the Moline Library offers free general admission for 4 visitors.

Keep in mind too that admission is always free to children under age 4, to all visitors on Thursdays after 5 p.m., to seniors the first Thursday of every month, and to all active military members, spouses and children.

The Figge is a fantastic place for families to visit.  Before you go, you might want to check out the Figge’s excellent guides for exploring art with children!

Much of the art on display has no barriers, which definitely enhances the experience.  However, if you have a younger visitor with you, be prepared to encourage them to take a look-but-don’t-touch approach.  Some of the pieces will be pretty inviting for little hands!

If you have a little art lover who is not quite ready to look without touching yet, that’s not a problem.  The Artica Gallery is the place to be!

There is SO much to have fun with in here – Legos, art supplies, blocks, and bean bags!

The Artica Gallery is on the 2nd floor to the left after exiting the elevator.

Currently an exhibit featuring local young artists is on the 2nd floor too.

The 2nd floor also features the Learn to Look and Studio 1 galleries where younger visitors can explore.  These galleries were not open the day I visited, but you can learn more here

At the opposite end of the 2nd floor are all the beautiful pieces that make up the Figge’s permanent collection.

The abstract collections could inspire some serious discussions!

Here is the Grant Wood exhibit.

The Spirit of Haiti room is filled with colorful and interesting pieces as well.

The Frank Lloyd Wright room is a must-see for architecture and mid-century modern fans!

Right now, there is a Georgia O’Keefe painting on display as well.

On the 3rd floor until May 20, the Rock Island Art Guild is featuring an exhibit of local art.

There are several wonderful pieces in this area, and visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite.  Kids can vote too!

You will definitely walk out of the Figge feeling inspired!

The Figge’s hours are

Tuesday through Saturday 10 am-5 pm
Thursdays 10 am-9 pm
Sundays 12-5 pm

The phone number is 563-326-7804.

The Figee is having several workshops this summer for teens and children.  You can get more information here

Miss Tess


The Cutest Monsters On the Block

Have you ever seen monsters as adorable as these?                                                                                                                 Meet The Worry Woos!

These monsters each have a story to tell- about loneliness, not quite fitting in, getting too frustrated when things don’t go your way, letting worry get the best of you, envy, indecision and more. Written in beautiful rhyme, these stories are powerful social-emotional skill-builders all kids can relate to and empathize with. Designed by artist and author Andi Green to help children understand and embrace their emotions, these books have received rave reviews and awards for bringing higher concepts right down to a kids level. I love watching understanding dawn on my littles’ faces as they learn the lesson right along with the WorryWoos!

We have the storybooks available for checkout, and we have kits of the monster and it’s accompanying book available in our puppet collection. We also have a parent-teacher guide for teaching social-emotional awareness in our parent-teacher collection.

We’ve gotten enthusiastic feedback from parents and teachers alike who have used these stories with great success, and we hope you and your littles will fall in love with the WorryWoos too!

And don’t forget to check our Parent-Teacher collection for these valuable companion guides by noted Dr. John Irving, a pioneer in the social-emotional learning field.

For more information on the WorryWoos, classroom and parent lesson plans and more, check out their website:

Miss Janna

Educator Resources

Did you know we have a section chock-full of helpful resources for teachers? Whatever your age group or subject, we have something for you here at Moline Library’s Parent- Teacher Collection!

Here’s some of our newest titles! Find them through our catalog.

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Miss Janna


Once we get the green light to start buying for the new year, I love to pick an area of my collection that needs some enthusiasm and just fill it with exciting new materials. This year, that section is…Realia! This collection includes our puzzles, puppets and kits, and I’m excited to show you the first wave of new materials- puzzles! So next time you’re here at Moline Library, check out some of the amazing new puzzles we have, and keep an eye out for new puppets and kits to come!



Miss Janna

Play at the Library

One thing we pride ourselves on is providing an environment that helps build community.  Not only do we offer an awesome collection of items people can check out and take home, but we provide spaces, toys, and activities that encourage kids and parents to socialize and play with others in the department.  We frequently hear surprised patrons if it is their first time here. “I didn’t realize you had so much!”


Here are just a few activities you will find on your visit…


We have an amazing puppet theater with a stash of puppets that stay in the department just to make up creative, fun  stories to share.


We offer a variety of blocks from large foam blocks to make big structures, to Lego Duplos, to Bristle Blocks.


We keep board games near the children’s desk and if you ask the librarian you can select a game to play during your visit.  Coloring pages, crayons and occasionally other craft projects can also be found at the children’s desk.  You can use these in the library or take color sheets home with you!


Our magnetic pillar is a big hit!  Currently we have letters out, fun for leaving messages for friends or practicing ABC’s but we do swap these out with different activities from time to time so come in and check it out!  We also have games attached to the walls for the very young.  These games feature nursery rhymes and songs and are very durable.


Our oversized stuffed animal collection has been a favorite for many years.  Let me give you some insider info on these!  If the animals are on the floor, they are there to curl up and read with or play with.  If you see some on top of the shelves, we ask that they stay there.  These are animals that may be old and have had many visits to the stuffed animal “hospital” and can’t be played with anymore but still like to be out on display.


The AWE computers are a great resource!  These have no internet connection, touch screens, and are preloaded with fun (and sneakily educational) games so any kiddo can play, from the very young to the middle grades.


We do have some toys we DON’T want you to play with in the library, but that is only because we want you to take them home instead!  We have some awesome kits, puppets, and puzzles in special sections of the library.  These items will be in special containers, like bags, totes, or boxes and will have a barcode.

These check out for 3 weeks like a library book and cost nothing to check out and play with.  We encourage you to NOT play with these items at the library unless you have asked the librarian and there will be a grown-up supervising the play.  As harsh as this may sound, it is with good reason, I promise.

If a puzzle piece, puppet, or pieces from a kit go missing, then we can’t let kids or their families check them out.  They sit and wait until we can locate the pieces.  If those can’t be found, the kits end up being withdrawn from our collection and the community loses that resource.  We want to make sure anyone who wants to enjoy these has access so before grabbing one and opening it up at the library, talk to the librarian at the children’s desk first!  We are happy to let a child play with them as long as they are only being used one at a time, under the supervision of a grown-up.  We just ask you bring it back to the desk if you aren’t taking it home so we can check the pieces and reshelve it.


Miss Marta