Starry Night Watercolor

starry night

Here’s a fun project we did last month in our Creativity Lab!

  1. Using a pencil on watercolor paper, draw a large jar with a lid. Draw the outline of three fireflies inside the jar.
  2. Paint the lid of the jar with purple, red and black watercolors.
  3. Paint the inside of the jar, leaving a circle of white around each of the fireflies- this will be their glow in the next step! Paint the inside of the jar like a night sky, using blue, purple, red and black to create a galaxy look. Let this dry a little, so that it’s damp but not wet.
  4. Paint the fireflies and the circle of white with bright yellow, and let it gently bleed into the blue around them. Dab just a drop of orange into the body of the fireflies and let it bleed outward. Let it dry!
  5. Once everything is dry, use a Sharpie or black marker to outline the body of the fireflies and fill in their heads. Use a silver, white or gold Sharpie or marker to outline the wings and draw stars in the jar surrounding the fireflies.

For step by step picture instructions, click here  to see Kathy at kathy-angelnik’s original post. Thanks Kathy! We loved this project!

Miss Janna