Online Storytime: The Purple Kangaroo

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The library may be closed, but storytime is still here! We have recorded some of our favorite picture books to share with you. Today’s story is “The Purple Kangaroo” by Michael Ian Black, read by Miss Marta. A monkey is pretty sure he can read your mind, and what you’re really thinking of may surprise you.

You can check out the video of Miss Marta reading this story aloud here. Be sure to keep checking our blog for more online storytimes, as well as other fun and informative posts! You can also click or tap on the “online storytime” tag to find other videos.


Top 10 of 2018: #6




The Bookshop Girl

by Sylvia Bishop

Property Jones was found in a cupboard at the Whitehart Bookshop.  Netty and Michael were fine with this.  When no one came to claim Property, Netty and Michael adopted her.  Everything is great except for the fact that the bookshop is losing money.  When a contest appears in the paper offering a chance to win the largest bookstore in England, it seems like all their dreams are coming true.  Unfortunately, their problems are just beginning and Property Jones has a secret that is in danger of being revealed.  This book has a bit of everything: quirky characters, tons of action, odd buildings, lots of mystery, suspense, forgeries and even danger!  This fun book is a great younger grade chapter book.  Black and white drawings are scattered throughout.


I’m Sad

by Michael Ian Black

A child, a sad flamingo and a potato are friends. Wondering why sad is a thing, the child and potato try to cheer flamingo up. It doesn’t work, but then a wise crack creates laughter and flamingo feels a bit better. Nice story letting children know that it is okay to be sad.



Prickly Hedgehogs!

by Jane McGuinness

Adorable illustrations of Hedgehog and her babies )did you know baby hedgehogs are called hoglets? I didn’t!) as they hunt for food and prepare for winter.  There’s plenty of information in easy, kid-friendly asides and it also contains a short index, more information about wild hedgehogs, and books and websites to find further information.  A lot of information about a super-cute animal packed into an equally charming picture book.


I Love You More Than…

by Taye Diggs

A sweet affirming story for kids and parents who don’t live together full-time.  The tone is just right – not too sad or cheesy – and I really liked Diggs’ style of writing.  Just a gorgeous way to remind kids that love crosses any distance.  I grew up living far away from my dad although we were very close, and I would have loved to read a book like this as a kid.


Mother Ghost: Nursery Rhymes for Little Monsters

by Rachel Kolar

Judging a book by a cover sometimes does pay off.  Roland Garrigue’s cover illustration of a kindly-looking witch riding a bat pulled me right in with it’s charmingly dark, but not scary vibe.   The text and illustrations inside definitely did not disappoint.  Kolar’s rhymes, fractured versions of traditional Mother Goose rhymes, are perfect to share with prek through school-aged kiddos around Halloween (but could be enjoyed any time of year for those interested in ghosts, goblins, and a good laugh)!  Good for giggles in a group or one on one!

Ice Breaker Books for kids

One of my favorite kids’ books is NAKED! by Michael Ian Black.


Naked! is a fun & fast paced story kids really enjoy. I read it with lots of enthusiasm and by the third naked I’m usually not alone saying, “Naked!” The illustrations are wonderful. I find this a good book for breaking the ice with kids that you have just met.  Check below for some other great books for breaking the ice with kids!


Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems

The Squeaky Door by Margaret Read MacDonald

The Purple Kangaroo by Michael Ian Black

I Will Not Eat You by Adam Lehrhaupt

Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas

Let’s Go For a Drive! by Mo Willems

Warning: Do Not Open This Book! by Adam Lehrhaupt

Bedtime for Monsters by Ed Vere

Max at Night by Ed Vere

That is NOT a Good Idea! by Mo Willems

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure by Refe and Susan Tuma


What is your favorite book for breaking the ice with new kids?

Miss Sarah


Best of 2016 #6

Welcome to a new week!  Our list is getting shorter, but there are soooo many good books left to share with you!  Our #6 spot will definitely start your week with a smile.  Without realizing it, #6 hit the funny bone for our staff. Miss out on yesterday?  Catch up here.


Nobody Likes a Goblin by Ben Hatke

Goblin is a homebody who is raided and loses his friend, Skeleton.  He must go into the world to rescue Skeleton and find out how the real world really feels about goblins.


King Baby by Kate Beaton

Look out lowly parent peons!  King Baby’s reign is just beginning!  This book will be a guilty pleasure for parents and kids alike.  It is a little tongue in cheek to veteran parents as Beaton describes real life with a new little one from the little ones perspective.  Kids will love the pictures and King Baby’s demands.


Lion Lessons by Jon Agee

A young lion (a human boy in costume) does his best to learn how to be a proper lion from the master (a real lion)- and after grueling lessons, learns the most important lesson of all.  A funny book with great laugh-aloud appeal.


A Child’s First Book of Trump by Michael Ian Black

Yes, this is a political satire, but it’s so brutally frank and honest about the state of our current political landscape in a way kids (and their parents) will actually understand and relate.