#8 of 2017


On down the countdown we go!  If you missed yesterday’s post, go check it out!


Miss Christina


The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell

The drawings of this book will draw you into this book before you even begin with one word from the author of How to Train Your Dragon. Set in an unknown ancient time, there are two groups. Xar is a Wizard and Wish is a Warrior.  There were once bad Witches, but they were made extinct by the Warriors. Now the Warriors want to get rid of every last bit of magic. Xar is a Wizard who cannot do a single spell and Wish has a magical spoon and enchanted sword that no one knows about. They are both headstrong and determined—and instantly distrust each other when they meet. The danger and adventures instantly begin. Cowell has created an incredible world filled with delightful creatures and names and fascinating pictures and side notes that add to the story.


Miss Sarah


The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do by Ashley Spires

Lou learns to face her fear.


Miss Teresa


Ben Franklin’s In My Bathroom by Candace Fleming

In this hilarious middle grade novel, Ben Franklin accidently time travels to 10 year-old Nolan’s home, where Nolan shows Ben around the world he helped form.


Miss Marta


Real Friends by Shannon Hale

Fabulous middle grade graphic with beautiful art work by LeUyen Pham (Princess in Black series).  This graphic memoir follows Shannon as she is finding her footing in the world of friendships and being true to herself.  Good friendships aren’t easy, but they are worth it and this book reaffirms this.


Miss Janna


100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids by Amanda Boyarshinov & Kim Vij

Filled with fun learning activities for a rainy afternoon.