Jolabokaflod, or the “Yule Book Flood,” is an annual event in Iceland where giving a book for Christmas Eve is the norm and spending the evening reading is tradition.

What a wonderful tradition to bring to your own family.  It doesn’t have to happen on Christmas Eve.  It could be the first Thursday or third Tuesday, just find a date that works for you and start your own family tradition building your family’s library.

Books have always been a tradition in my family.  To celebrate the birth of a child, I give a book.  Child loses a tooth and the tooth fairy delivers a book to replace the lost tooth.  Birthday? A book or two will be given!  In fact, i can’t think of a time when I don’t give a book as a gift.  It is such a wonderful, meaningful way to help a child build their own library.  The book may have another gift with it, but the book, I feel, is the important gift.

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Miss Sarah