What does “IN-PROCESS” mean?

Have you ever wondered, when you search our catalog for a book title, what it means when the status says “IN-PROCESS”?  Well, here’s the low-down…. it means that the book has been ordered, purchased, and received in the library.  The book has been stamped with a date and library logo;  had a spine label, plastic jacket cover, and library barcode applied; and entered into the library database.  However, it’s not QUITE available for you to check out.  Why not, you ask? It’s because the library staff gets to have the “first look”, and we’re anxious to see if that title we ordered lives up to the good review it got, before we put it out on the new shelf for you to check out!  We also want to get first “dibs” on a potential storytime read-aloud.

We LOVE it when our technical services staff rolls a new book cart into our office;  it’s like getting lots of presents all at once. Sometimes we fight over who gets to look at the cart first!  Usually we are able to share; sometimes when we find a particularly good read-aloud book, we spontaneously read it aloud to whoever is in the office with us!  The other day, Marta and Teresa did an impromptu two-voice read aloud of I Want to Be in a Scary Story by Sean Taylor, complete with silly and scary voices!  Sometimes we have a little too much fun!

So, the next time you see that status of “IN-PROCESS”, please feel free to ask us if you could, pretty please, have a look at the book yourself?  Most likely the answer will be YES.  We might even read it aloud to you!

Miss Teresa