Going, Going, Gone!


Saturday, July 28th is your last day to collect prizes for summer reading 2018!  We are so proud of everyone who has participated!  If you signed up and still need to pick up prizes, we are open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Come see us!


Shrek the Musical @ MPL


Join us for a sneak peak of Shrek The Musical!  A few actors from the Quad City Music Guild will be visiting us in costum to show us a couple of the songs in their upcoming musical.  Games and crafts will follow with a chance for photos with the cast.  This is a great opportunity for kids who may not be able to sit through the whole show to see what it is all about or to get the kids in your life interested in theater!  For more info on the show, click here.

The First Flute – Stories from Around the World

On Friday, July 6th, at 2:00pm,  Christine Buik will present:  The First Flute – Stories from Around the World!   This program is best suited for ages 4 and older.

Here’s what to expect, straight from Christine Buik’s flyer:

“Flutes from around the world are played on our journey. Bone flutes, clay flutes, bamboo flutes wooden flutes, metal flutes, shell flutes, PVC flutes! Stories from many cultures are shared. Audience participation in the “jam band” with authentic rhythm instruments!”

Image result for christine buik and first flute

And, as an added bonus, Christine will be bringing a corn snake as well!

Image result for christine buik and corn snake

Don’t miss this special event!

Sponsored by American Bank and Trust


Miss Teresa

Amazon Decor for Summer Reading


I’ve received many compliments on the decor I used for the Amazon area of our library for summer reading this year. I used three main pieces.

The spiral vines I found here. I used the first spiral shown. I reversed the image, to make it easier for a right hander to cut out, and changed the color from black to green for printing the green spirals on two shades of green paper and from black to brown for the brown spirals on light brown paper. For the display I used a glue stick to put 2 dark green, one light green and one light brown spiral together, then I attached them to the shelves using tape.

The leaves I found here. I printed this free download on light green printer paper and cut out more than a hundred to decorate the spiral vines. I used tape to attach the leaves to the vines and the shelves.

I also purchased plastic 3D butterflies from Amazon here.  I hid the butterflies among the vines and used a few on the pillars.

There were many hours spent cutting out the pieces, but I (and my co-workers) were able to cut many of the pieces during the small bits of down time at the desk.

Looking forward to summer reading next year.


Miss Sarah