Painted Lady Butterflies


Just a few feet away from me are a couple dozen caterpillars eating their fill and growing like weeds.  They looked like a black piece of pipe cleaner (chenille stem) less than half an inch long when they first arrived.

Now they are an inch long getting plump and their hair though sparse looks white. For three weeks the caterpillars will eat their fill and during that time they will shed their skin four times! When they reach the end of the caterpillar stage they will be hairy, black with yellow and about two inches long.

Caterpillars have a hole just under their mouth and silk thread comes from it. In a safe spot the caterpillar will spin the thread into a small pad to hang from. While they are hanging their skin will split open from top to bottom and you can see the shiny green case which is the chrysalis.

Amazing things happen inside a chrysalis. The caterpillar loses all shape and turns into a liquid, then reforms into a butterfly. This process take a bit longer than a week. The butterflies will  push on the chrysalis and slowly emerge.

The butterflies are very tired and will rest for a short bit before unfolding their soft and wrinkled wings. After a few hours the wings will be dry and the butterflies can fly into the air.

Miss Sarah

STEAM-A-Rama: Strawbees

Join us for Strawbees May 8th from 2pm to 3:30pm

Miss Marta

Having Fun with Math and Science online

Today while researching a blog topic, I came across a really great online resource and wanted to share.

It is an online gameboard for kids and parents from the Idaho Commission for Libraries called Have Fun with Math and Science located at

Each square on the board has a different STEM-based activity linked.  For example, the spot labeled Play the Button Guessing Game links to an online pattern game through the teacher resource website, Annenberg Lerner.

Other sites linked include PBS Parents, Highlights, and Scholastic.

Even the icons around the gameboard, like the little guy in the rowboat, link to fun videos!  He links to a video of a dolphin blowing bubble rings from the wonderful video site The Kid Should See This

The gameboard site also contains tips on how best to use the online gaming sessions with your child, and real-life STEM activities, as well as screen-time guildelines for children.

I did notice some of the links are dead, but other games could be easily found on the linked site with a few clicks.  And the library-related game elements link to Idaho libraries, but you can find the link to our online catalog here.

It is sometimes difficult to find safe online gaming options, especially educational ones.  This gameboard helps to take a lot of the hunting out of finding a good site, and it makes playing the games and doing the activities a game itself!

Overall, a really great way to share computer time with your little one!

Miss Tess