STEAM-A-Rama: The Physics of Rube Goldberg Machines

This month’s STEAM-A-Rama theme is Physics, so today we’re going to learn about kinetic energy, potential energy, and make our own Rube Goldberg machines! Remember, we start right at 2 PM.

Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, and Rube Goldberg Machines.png



New and Improved STEAM-A-Rama Starts This Week!

STEAM-A-Rama is back!  We are so excited for a new season of one of our favorite programs.  A couple changes have been made to make this program even better for you.


This program will now begin promptly at 2pm and end at 3pm (or before if your child finishes the activities early).  This allows staff introduce concepts we are experimenting with for the day, share important information with everyone about the different stations so that kids and parents can confidently start activities and this also allows staff focus on assisting kids and families during activities without interruption.


We are also now offering monthly themes that allow us to discover topics and build knowledge on different aspects that we can’t always cover in just one session.  September we will be discovering Physics.  Check our calendar for each month’s theme.


Miss Marta

Space and Weather Websites for Kids

Do you have a kiddo who loves all things space and weather?  If so, check out these awesome websites!

NASA Space Place at


This site is so cool!  It is filled with fun facts, games, crafts, and media about all things space from NASA Science.  The layout is very clean and easy for kids and grownups to navigate.  The games are engaging, and the site can also be viewed in Spanish, as well, which is nice.  Super fun and easy way to increase your NASA knowledge!

SciJinks at


SciJinks from NOAA has tons of weather and meteorology information, media, and games.  This site is a targeted at middle schoolers, so older kids could navigate it easily, but younger ones might need some guidance with the games and reading.  One feature I really like is the Answer section, where there are different weather questions and short and long answers.  Very cool!

Miss Tess


50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Astronomy program

Presented by the Popular Astronomy Club.

Program starts in the meeting rooms with a discussion of the night sky and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Afterwards we will be outside in the back parking lot between 8:00pm and 11:30pm for crafts and activities followed by night sky viewing. Outdoor viewing will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather.

Painted Lady Butterflies


Just a few feet away from me are a couple dozen caterpillars eating their fill and growing like weeds.  They looked like a black piece of pipe cleaner (chenille stem) less than half an inch long when they first arrived.

Now they are an inch long getting plump and their hair though sparse looks white. For three weeks the caterpillars will eat their fill and during that time they will shed their skin four times! When they reach the end of the caterpillar stage they will be hairy, black with yellow and about two inches long.

Caterpillars have a hole just under their mouth and silk thread comes from it. In a safe spot the caterpillar will spin the thread into a small pad to hang from. While they are hanging their skin will split open from top to bottom and you can see the shiny green case which is the chrysalis.

Amazing things happen inside a chrysalis. The caterpillar loses all shape and turns into a liquid, then reforms into a butterfly. This process take a bit longer than a week. The butterflies will  push on the chrysalis and slowly emerge.

The butterflies are very tired and will rest for a short bit before unfolding their soft and wrinkled wings. After a few hours the wings will be dry and the butterflies can fly into the air.

Miss Sarah