A New System For Our Kits!

Since we are always trying to improve things here in the Children’s department, we have revised the way our kits are shelved. Kits with lots of pieces or that are a little pricier or more easily damaged than others will be shelved behind our children’s desk. On the regular kit shelf, we have place a binder with the information about each kit that you can bring to the children’s desk, where you can trade in the binder and be given the kit. Binders will look like this:

When you find a binder you would like to receive the kit for, bring the binder to the children’s desk and we will give you the kit to check out.


This new method of shelving and checkout applies only to new kits that contain lots of pieces or are more costly, but the majority of our kits will stay the same as they always have been.

Miss Janna



The library is no longer the quiet place our grandparents knew. It is a buzzing place full of sound.

We want the Children’s Department to be a welcoming place for children to experience activities while they visit, along with choosing a few books to take home.

However, at times the sound level is too loud and it is not always easy to address the issue when parents are looking on lovingly as their child shouts or screams loudly. Small outbursts are to be expected. But when the sound level doesn’t decrease it is then time for the staff to intervene.


When we do intervene it not because we want to dampen the fun. We need to be able to hear the person at the desk asking a question, the phone ringing or an announcement over the speaker system. So, if we ask your child to use their inside voice, we are not mad at your child or you. We are working to make sure the library is an enjoyable place for all.

Please see our policy if you have any questions. 

Miss Sarah






Notary Public and Passport Services at Your Library!

Many libraries offer services that might surprise a few people. Two unusual things we offer are Notary Public and Passport services.


A notary public can witness a signature on a document with a proper photo ID. Remember not to sign the document, the notary must see you sign the document. There is a small fee for this service.


Yes, you can apply for a passport at our library! We have several passport acceptance agents who are trained by the Department of State to accept your application. Applications are available on line or you may pick one up at the library. You can also get your passport photo taken at the library, just let us know when you sign up for an appointment.


Unlike many places these services are available in the evening or on Saturdays.

Miss Sarah

The Big Picture Book Weeding Project

You may notice that, at times, entire shelves in our picture book area are empty.  What’s going on?

Well, there are 348 shelves of picture books in our department and most of the shelves are getting VERY crowded!   So, we are currently undertaking a BIG weeding project.  Just as in a garden, weeds can choke out the pretty plants and flowers, so can old, irrelevant, stained and severely worn out books hide the pretty and more relevant books.  To undertake such a big weeding project, we do have “rules” to follow! All libraries have a collection development policy which guides librarians on the criteria for purchasing for and deselecting from a collection; you can take a peek at ours here.

In keeping with our policy, one of the factors we look at here in the children’s area is the circulation of the item…..if it hasn’t been checked out for two years, most likely it is just not relevant anymore and needs to go to make room for something new.

We put all the books from one shelf on a book cart and wheel it over to our work station in order to scan each book’s barcode to check for the last circulation date.  While the books are on the cart, it’s the perfect time to clean off the dust and grime that collects on the shelf!  This also gives us a chance to inspect each book to check for stains, torn pages and the general condition of the book.   Most of our books have a plastic jacket cover that can be wiped off with a Clorox wipe – it’s amazing how a “dirty” book can look almost new again with a little TLC!  Sometimes we determine that we need to order a new copy of a book; if it is still in publication, we try our hardest to find a new copy.  Other times, we conclude that it is time to retire a book from our collection.  Once a book has been withdrawn, or “weeded”,  it most likely will be found in the Friends of the Moline Public Library sale room.  You can read all about our Friends and the sale room hours of operation here.

So, the next time you see an empty shelf, you’ll know we are busy making room for something new by clearing out the old, and making sure our collection is relevant to our patrons!

Miss Teresa