CSI Exploratorium

Join us October 18th from 2 to 3:30 for CSI Exploratorium! For those who don’t know, Exploratorium is a weekly program for kindergarten to fifth graders where we cover all things STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).  We usually do this program as a drop in, where you can come anytime from 2 to 3:30 BUT we are changing that a bit for CSI Exploratorium.  The program will be from 2 to 3:30  but it will NOT be a drop in. Make sure you are here at 2pm to join in the fun as real detectives and techs from the Moline Police Department will be here to guide us through some very exciting parts of their job!  Want details about this and other programs?  Click here for our calendar!

Miss Marta


The Big Picture Book Weeding Project

You may notice that, at times, entire shelves in our picture book area are empty.  What’s going on?

Well, there are 348 shelves of picture books in our department and most of the shelves are getting VERY crowded!   So, we are currently undertaking a BIG weeding project.  Just as in a garden, weeds can choke out the pretty plants and flowers, so can old, irrelevant, stained and severely worn out books hide the pretty and more relevant books.  To undertake such a big weeding project, we do have “rules” to follow! All libraries have a collection development policy which guides librarians on the criteria for purchasing for and deselecting from a collection; you can take a peek at ours here.

In keeping with our policy, one of the factors we look at here in the children’s area is the circulation of the item…..if it hasn’t been checked out for two years, most likely it is just not relevant anymore and needs to go to make room for something new.

We put all the books from one shelf on a book cart and wheel it over to our work station in order to scan each book’s barcode to check for the last circulation date.  While the books are on the cart, it’s the perfect time to clean off the dust and grime that collects on the shelf!  This also gives us a chance to inspect each book to check for stains, torn pages and the general condition of the book.   Most of our books have a plastic jacket cover that can be wiped off with a Clorox wipe – it’s amazing how a “dirty” book can look almost new again with a little TLC!  Sometimes we determine that we need to order a new copy of a book; if it is still in publication, we try our hardest to find a new copy.  Other times, we conclude that it is time to retire a book from our collection.  Once a book has been withdrawn, or “weeded”,  it most likely will be found in the Friends of the Moline Public Library sale room.  You can read all about our Friends and the sale room hours of operation here.

So, the next time you see an empty shelf, you’ll know we are busy making room for something new by clearing out the old, and making sure our collection is relevant to our patrons!

Miss Teresa







Fall Fun is Here

Fall is an amazing time of year in the Quad Cities!  We have beautiful trees, perfect weather, and LOADS of fun things to do and see!  Recently the folks over at Quad City Moms Blog compiled a list of fall happenings and events in the area so you have a quick and easy reference at your fingertips!  Everything is right there for you, including some of our events here at the library!  If you haven’t visited their blog before, click on over and check them out!

Miss Marta

Friends Foundation

Does your library have a Friends Group or a book sale room? My library is very lucky to have both.

Our Friends Group is made up a volunteers who give their time weeding, sorting and selling the donated books, magazines and other items that we receive on a daily basis. Some days it is just a few items, other days it is several boxes of items to be gone through.

Our Friends Group does a great job sorting the donated items for their shelves in the Friends Books Sale Room. There are set store hours and the Friends also donate their time keeping the store open.

Our Friends’ book sale room always has books, magazines and DVDs ($1). Sometimes there are jigsaw puzzles, calendars, greeting cards and craft booklets. Most items are a quarter, but a few items go for a bit more.

I check the sale room on a weekly basis looking for books to share with my mums who enjoys mysteries as much as I do. Then when she is finished with the books I donate the books back so they can be sold again.

The Friends make a nice amount of money with their sale room. The Children’s Department requests money from the Friends for special programs and books for finishers of the Summer Reading Program. We would not be able to offer some of our great programs without their assistance.

Near the end of October each year the Friends hold the annual Basket Fundraiser with more than 25 baskets to choose from. This year two of the items are a John Deere Bike and Whitey’s Ice Cream gift cards. There will also be educational toys and great things that adults will like.

Join your local Friends group and help out your library!

Miss Sarah

Fake or Real? (continued)

Photo Credit: Snopes.com

In my last post I encouraged you to ask a librarian to help you sift through internet news that may or may not be real, or “Fake News” as the current jargon goes.

Teachers and parents, if you are looking for ways you can decipher this on your own, I am happy to share some links with you!

There is a 5th grade teacher out in California who has received some excellent national press from an article he wrote about teaching his students to spot fake news.  I’m proud to say that this teacher, Scott Bedley, just happens to be married to my cousin!  While I’ve only met him once, at a family get-together, I follow his Facebook posts and his podcast, “The Bedley Bros EdChat”, which is done with his brother Tim. Together have been teaching for a combined 45 years, so they have a lot of knowledge between them to share.

Please take a look at their work!




Miss Teresa


Fake or Real?

Photo credit: snopes.com


Librarians have long been champions of critical thinking and using primary, or original sources when doing research and fact-finding.  With the rise of internet research over the last several years, however, there has been much speculation as to whether libraries and librarians by default are becoming irrelevant.  I believe that, just because information can be found on-line, doesn’t make that information true! As one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, once said:


So, when you’re not sure about some “facts” that you’ve found; ask a librarian!  We are here to sift through sources that “look” and “sound” real, but might actually be fake. We’ll help you “find the right answer”.


Miss Teresa