Sneak Peek… Fidget Spinners!


So we have an amazing Captain Underpants Party planned and ready to go for tomorrow night.  Let me tell you, planning this during summer reading has been no easy feat, but I think it will be totally worth it!  There will be a post coming soon on what we are doing for this cool party, but today I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into one of our party projects… DIY Fidget Spinners!


As most of us librarians do, I took to Pinterest looking for great spinner ideas.  I found some that were absolutely amazing, but many of them catered to small groups of children and had either pricier components or too many steps to be assembled and walk out the door with in the time frame we have to work with.  We are expecting at least 150 kids to come through and it is only an hour and a half drop-in event so time and cost were very important factors.


Then I stumbled on this gem of a blog post from Maggy over at Red Ted Art.  She has some AMAZING ideas on her blog so I definitely recommend clicking over to see her stuff!  Her blog inspired me because it didn’t have the expensive components so many others did.  After seeing her cost effective spinners, it got my mind racing to create spinners that fit our needs.  What you see below are the instructions to what I came up with.


These may not be the sturdiest spinners you will ever find BUT they definitely will prove fun for a while and are easy to recreate when one fizzles.  Fingers crossed the kids at tomorrow’s party are as excited about them as I am!


Best of 2016 #9

If you missed our faves in the #10 spot yesterday, check them out here!  In the mean time, on to…


My Friend Maggie by Hannah E. Harrison

A story of true friendship and an understanding soul.


Quit Calling Me Monster by Jory Johns

Monster is very offended when people keep calling him… a monster!  He doesn’t want to fit the stereotype… or does he?  This book and the illustrations make for a hilarious read-aloud with preK on up.


Pug Meets Pig by Sue Lowell Gallion

Will Pug and Pig ever learn to get along?  This darling story celebrates embracing change, being kind to others and finding friendship in unlikely places.


Hey, That’s MY Monster by Amanda Noll

A silly read-aloud tale of finding the perfect bedtime monster for you!  Parents and kids will both get a kick out of this one and laugh along with Ethan and Emma (and their monsters)!

May the Fourth Be With You!


Check out our great selection of Star Wars books! (This is just a small selection!  Visit the Children’s Desk for more suggestions.)

Talking about King with Kids

[Source: PBS News Hour]

[Source: PBS News Hour]

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day from the Moline Public Library Children’s staff!  Below we have a round-up of some of our favorite MLK resources for you to to peruse with your kids on their day off from school.  Stop in to the library for books and other materials about Dr. King and we’ll point in you in the right direction!

The Library of Congress has a great collection of photographs of Dr. King, and a very basic kid friendly summary about his life and work.

The National Geographic Dr. King introduction is easy to follow, well-written, and accompanied by some wonderful photographs.

On the National Park Service’s website, you can find information and photographs from the Martin Luther King, Jr. National History Site.  There is even a virtual tour of Dr. King’s birth home!

Scholastic has compiled a list of great resources, biographies, book resources, and more for kids and

[Source: Library of Congress]

[Source: Library of Congress]

teachers.  We especially love the Dr. King’s Words section, which includes plays and quotes for students to read or perform.

Want to develop a lesson plan around Dr. King?  The National Education Association has Dr. King lesson plan resources broken down by age and subject.  PBS News Hour also has an excellent list of lesson plan ideas from the 2013 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

Want more ideas?  Come in and talk with us, and we’d be happy to help!