Reading an Audiobook

Do audiobooks count as reading?  Are they really more entertainment than education? These are questions we hear often.

According to assistant professor of reading education Denise Johnson, from the article Benefits of Audiobooks for All Readers on, some of the benefits of audiobooks include:

  • Presenting students with books above their reading level.
  • Modeling interpretative reading skills.
  • Teaching critical listening.
  • Introducing humor.
  • Highlighting new vocabulary words with context and pronunciation.
  • Providing a model for reading aloud.
  • Giving parents and children an opportunity to listen together.
  • AND Recapturing the joy of being read a story by a masterful storyteller!

There are several ways you can access audiobooks from our library.


Playaways are a great option for audiobooks!

If you aren’t familiar with Playaways, they are handheld audio devices with one preloaded audiobook.

No internet is required.  Just plug in headphones, add a battery, and push play!


Some titles are available as a Bookpack, which includes both the Playaway audio device and a copy of the book.

You can also check out audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet with your Moline library card using the Axis 360, Hoopla, Overdrive or Libby apps.

Check out this link for more information on downloading, or give us a call!


Finally, books on CD are still a thing too, and we have a large collection!

Happy listening and reading!

Miss Tess


Autumn Picture Books

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It’s officially fall! Fall is the perfect season for snuggling up with your little one and reading a book together. Here are 10 seasonal reads to get you started.

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Throwback Spooky Reads

A few weeks ago, I was asked if we had any books by the author Mary Downing Hahn.  She has written quite a few spooky mysteries and ghost stories for young readers, and we have several of her books here.

I can remember being a middle-schooler, curled up under the blankets at my grandma’s house, reading ghost stories, like Hahn’s The Doll in the Garden and Wait Till Helen Comes.  Seeing these book covers brought me right back to that time!

Doll in the GardenWait

In The Doll in the Garden, Ashley follows a white cat through her garden hedge and meets a beautiful young girl with blonde curls and sad eyes.  Ashley works to find who she is and where she comes from.

In Wait Till Helen Comes, Michael and Molly dislike their new stepsister at first, but vow to save her from the ghosts haunting her.


If you’re in the mood for an 80’s/90’s style fright night, here are a few more titles:

Ghost by the sea

The Ghost by the Sea by Eileen Dunlop

Robin encounters the ghost of a young drowning victim while visiting her grandmother’s haunted house in England.  She and her cousin John investigate, uncovering family secrets along the way.

Ghost abbey

Ghost Abbey by Robert Westall

After her mother’s death, Maggi, her brothers, and her father move to an abandoned abbey to work on restoring it.  They discover the old building harbors many terrifying secrets.

Christina's ghostA Ghost in the House


Christina’s Ghost  by Betty Ren Wright

Christina spends the summer with her unfriendly uncle in an eerie Victorian mansion.  She meets a mysterious new friend who may have connections to a 30-year-old murder.

A Ghost in the House  by Betty Ren Wright

Sarah must help her great aunt, who is being targeted by a vengeful spirit.


Stonewords: A Ghost Story by Pam Conrad

Zoe has been best friends with Zoe Louise sine she was little.  One problem – Zoe Louise is a ghost!  When Zoe Louise begins to experience strange changes, Zoe must travel back in time to save her.

In the Stone Circle

In the Stone Circle by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Cristyn is not happy about spending a boring summer in Wales with her father, but she soon finds the odd house they are staying in is anything but dull.

Ghost of Fossil Glen

The Ghost of Fossil Glen by Cynthia DeFelice

While rock climbing, Allie hears the voice of a young girl guiding her to safety.  She is driven to solve the mystery of who the girl is and what has happened to her.

Dark 30

The Dark-Thirty : Southern Tales of the Supernatural by Patricia McKissack

This collection of stories takes its name from the spookiest time of day, the half-hour before sunset – the dark-thirty.  The selections are drawn from African-American folklore, legends, and experiences, and some of them are truly terrifying.  Each story begins with a historical fact.

Scary Stories

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series by Alvin Schwartz.  This is the first of three volumes of creepy folklore, songs, and poetry retold by Schwartz.  This edition contains drawings by Stephen Gammell that are as frightening as the tales!

Miss Tess


Have you ever checked out the Launchpads section? Launchpads are a pretty popular item in the children’s department, but I realized I don’t know much about them! So I checked out one from each category, for ages 3-5, 5-7, 8-10, and 10+ and played a few games on each.

But first, what are Launchpads? Launchpads are pre-loaded tablets with educational games, stories, and activities that are all age-appropriate for kids. And they’re fun, too! For those of you like me who haven’t used them before, you may be surprised at how much they have available on each one. Each Launchpad has 10 different apps and has a rubber protective case so you can rest easy using them with little ones.

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“S is for Spell” is aimed at 3 to 5 year olds, and the tablet is simple and intuitive enough that I think a child in that age range would have no trouble with it with adult supervision, especially if they have experience using tablets before. Launchpads are available on a variety of educational subjects, and as you can probably guess from the title “S is for Spell” focuses on language arts, with stories they can read along with and games to practice letters and phonics. My favorite was the Kids Memory Match game, which has 3 difficulty settings and has players match rhyming words – log and dog or box and fox, for example.

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“Little Picasso” is an art-themed Launchpad for ages 5 to 7 where kiddos will develop their artistic ability and creative thinking with drawing games like Wee Kids Draw & Color, which would be great for kids who can’t get enough of coloring sheets! It also features dress up games and a Halloween-themed spelling game which I particularly liked.

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“Let’s Have a Little Fun” is filled with fun puzzles and games for ages 8 to 10, like the arcade-style Rainbow Lines pictured here. As you can guess from the title, these games are more entertaining than educational.

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“Outthink!” was my favorite of the bunch I checked out! It had classic games like checkers and Yahtzee, as well as other fun critical thinking games. It is intended for ages 10+, and I enjoyed playing with it even as an adult. It’s sure to be a hit with older kids who love board games, and they can either play against the computer or match wits with a friend.

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It’s tricky for parents who are not gamers themselves to find video games that are appropriate for their child. But with Launchpads you can set your mind at ease, knowing that your kids are learning and having fun at the same time. Launchpads check out for 3 weeks and are perfect for car rides, rainy days, or vacations! You can find the Launchpads in the Children’s department behind the computers between the kits and easy readers.

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Check them out here!


Miss Jessica

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Editions Now Available!

It doesn’t seem like 20 years have passed since I sat in my dorm room totally engrossed in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  I remember this series as the first since my childhood that I just devoured.  I couldn’t get enough.  With each new title released, it felt like a homecoming of sorts as I was pulled back into the magical world J.K. Rowling had so carefully crafted.


Now I have kiddos of my own who have delved into these books and fallen in love with them the same way I did so many years ago.  In honor of the 20th Anniversary of these books, they have now been released with new cover art by Brian Selznick.  Selznick is a wonderful author/illustrator in his own right however his illustrations bring new life to this epic story for the next generation.  If you want to check out the anniversary releases we now have them available for check out at MPL.  Stop in for a look and fall in love with the books all over again!

Miss Marta

Jabberwalking – my new favorite book!

Jabberwalking by Juan Felipe Herrera

New to our library is the great new poetry book Jabberwalking. This book is filled with enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

This book is both a guide on how to and poetry. The guide is not forceful and feels like a buddy is sharing information. The poetry is fierce and full of energy

I’ve read bits to my coworkers with gestures and full voice. They enjoyed it and want to know more about the book.

So very happy this book is in our library!

Miss Sarah