5 on Friday: May

Five on Friday

For this month’s Five on Friday, I’ve put together 5 articles about kids’ books and literacy that I found interesting. I hope you do too!

  1. Why do we read sad books? Are sad books helpful for kids? Author Jo Knowles’ article has a really interesting take on the purpose and value of sad books for kids here.
  2. Any children’s librarian will tell you the importance of reading to your child. But don’t just take it from us – a recent study found that kids who are read one short book per day start kindergarten knowing 290,000 more words than kids whose parents didn’t read to them. If you increase the number of books to five per day, the difference in vocabulary bumps up to 1.4 million words. Wow! Read more on why you should read to your kids here.
  3. I remember reading Richard Scarry books when I was a kid, and it makes me smile to see they are still around today. But they’re not the exact same books as they were when I was young, because Scarry has been subtly updating them to better reflect changing values in society. How cool! Check out some of the altered pictures here.
  4. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Children’s Book Week, the Library of Congress has put 67 classic children’s books online! Their news release states that “From Humpty Dumpty to Little Red Riding Hood, the books in this collection were published in the United States and England before 1924, are no longer under copyright, and are free to read and share.” So why not head over to the School Library Journal article covering it and check it out?
  5. Speaking of books I grew up on, Baby-sitters Club was another series I remember enjoying. With Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novel adaptation, they’ve come back into popularity. Riding on the wave of sudden relevance, Elle Fanning and others are recording audiobooks for the entire 131-book series.

And that’s all for this month! Be sure to check back in June, same bat time, same bat channel for the next 5 on Friday.

Miss Jessica


New Playaway Bookpacks!


(Pictured is Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Friendly Frenemy, I Survived Hurricane Katrina, The Girl Who Drank the Moon, Upside Down Magic, and I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor)

We just received a bunch of new Playaway Bookpacks! If you haven’t checked them out before, they are kits with Playaway preloaded audiobooks that also come with a text copy of the book. This way you can read along with the narrator as you listen! Some of the new ones are pictured, but you can find all of the Playaway Bookpacks next to the Launchpads, behind the Children’s internet computers. If you haven’t taken a look at them before, now’s a great time to try them out, especially if you are signed up for our winter reading program and want to mark off the “Listen to a Book” snowflake. You are signed up for the reading program, right?? If not, you can pick up a log from the Children’s desk or print one off from the front page of the library website.

Miss Jessica


Reading an Audiobook

Do audiobooks count as reading?  Are they really more entertainment than education? These are questions we hear often.

According to assistant professor of reading education Denise Johnson, from the article Benefits of Audiobooks for All Readers on readingrockets.org, some of the benefits of audiobooks include:

  • Presenting students with books above their reading level.
  • Modeling interpretative reading skills.
  • Teaching critical listening.
  • Introducing humor.
  • Highlighting new vocabulary words with context and pronunciation.
  • Providing a model for reading aloud.
  • Giving parents and children an opportunity to listen together.
  • AND Recapturing the joy of being read a story by a masterful storyteller!

There are several ways you can access audiobooks from our library.


Playaways are a great option for audiobooks!

If you aren’t familiar with Playaways, they are handheld audio devices with one preloaded audiobook.

No internet is required.  Just plug in headphones, add a battery, and push play!


Some titles are available as a Bookpack, which includes both the Playaway audio device and a copy of the book.

You can also check out audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet with your Moline library card using the Axis 360, Hoopla, Overdrive or Libby apps.

Check out this link for more information on downloading, or give us a call!


Finally, books on CD are still a thing too, and we have a large collection!

Happy listening and reading!

Miss Tess

Movies, Comics, Music and More with Hoopla!

The Moline Public Library offers Hoopla free to patrons with a valid Moline library card.

Easy to do with just 3 steps.

1.       Download Hoopla or go to hoopladigital.com

2.       Log in with your Moline library card.

3.       Borrow free digital movies, music, eBooks, comics and more!

Once you are in, you will discover a wide variety of audiobooks, movies, music, comics, ebooks and television that you can download to your mobile device for free. You may check out up to 8 items per month. Search by title, artist, series or genre, or you can search in kids mode so you do not have to worry about the content your child sees. If you don’t know what you are looking for you can have Hoopla create a recommendation list by choosing topics you like. It’s a great option for when you are away from home and looking for some free entertainment.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about late fees!

Miss Christina

Audiobook Round Up

If you haven’t tried an audiobook lately, you should give one a listen.  We carry books on CD which are great for car rides, but we also have Playaways, an MP3 format that comes with its own player!  These are great for anywhere and very discreet!

Why do we love audiobooks?  They are the best of both worlds! Not only do you get to read an awesome story but you get an entertaining performance to go with it.  You would be surprised at how many well-known actors and actresses have lent their talent (and voices) to bring an audiobook to life!  Here are a few of our current favorites!  Have a book you would love to read, but aren’t sure if it is available as an audiobook?  Just ask us at the children’s desk!  We are happy to help find it!




The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry

This story follows seven girls at a Victorian boarding school as they try to cover up the untimely death of their headmistress.  Perfect blend of humor, mystery, and historical fiction.  The narrator for this book does an excellent job of bringing out the distinct personality Berry gave each character which makes the book that much more entertaining!




Egg and Spoon by Gregory Maguire61PWdqIeBGL._SL300_

Set in 1905 Czarist Russia, Elena’s family has been torn apart.  Her father is dead, her mother is dying, and her brothers have just been taken into the Tsar’s army.  Then a train shows up with a young noble girl named Ekaterina.  Both girls’ lives take an adventurous turn that includes mistaken identity and an appearance from the witch, Baba Yaga.  Because the narrator is amazing, every bit of Maguire’s humor and wit is brought to life in a way that anyone of any age will get and enjoy!




A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd 

Felicity Pickle and her mother are new to Midnight Gulch, TN.  The town was once magic, according to legend, and Felicity and her friend Jonah are bound and determined to bring it back.  The narrator’s voice fits these characters perfectly, pulling the listener into this tale of friendship, family, and a little magic.


Happy Listening!