Comic Celebration Art Contest 2022

THE TIME HAS COME!! We have had so many wonderful submissions for the Moline Library’s first ever Comic Celebration Art Contest! Patrons of all ages, from kindergarten all the way to grown ups, submitted their finest art pieces celebrating their love of comics and comic art in general! Take a look at all of the submissions down below

Finally, our winners!! It was a tough race, but the votes are in, counted and triple counted to make sure we forgot nothing and no one in this special contest.

K-2nd Grade Winner: “Crazy Days” by Emma Drenter – 1st Grade

3rd – 5th Grade Winner: “How a Small Tree Grows” by Avery DeVolder – 3rd Grade

6th – 8th Grade Winner: “Mother” by Kaylin Hurt – 8th Grade

18+ Winner: “Diamond and Paradot’s Last Stand” by Samantha Wesson

Thank you to all of our participants! Winning pieces will continue to be on display in the Children’s department through Monday, May 16th! Anyone who wishes to take their artwork home need only stop by the Moline Public Library and let us know!

Congratulations to our winners! We hope to see more amazing art next year!

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