Sew Fun Pencil Kit

Create this simple pouch to keep your pencils. Read through the instructions then follow them with the help of the pictures below.

You will need a sheet of felt, two buttons about 3/4 inches wide, embroidery thread, and about 2 feet of string or ribbon for the button tie. For tools you will need a needle with a larger eye and a pair of scissors.

1. Cut out a square approx. 4″x4″ from your sheet of felt.
2. Fold over the felt and pin to hold together.
3. The top single piece of felt will be the flap for the pencil case. Fold under at the top about 1″ and pin. This folded over portion will be on the inside of the flap.
4. Sew on a button on the outside of the flap at the end.
5. You can hide your knot by putting your first stitch under the 1 inch flap through the button. After that, sew through both layers of the flap to attach the button.
6. Fold the flap down to position the second button. Sew on the second button. It may help to unpin the folded felt so you can sew easier. You do not want to sew the button to the backside or second layer!
7. Your next step is to sew a seam starting at the bottom and going up along the edge without the fold. You can use either a backstitch as shown or a running stitch as shown in the first picture. A running stitch is quicker and uses less thread and is a simple in and out stitch. A backstitch will use more thread but is a sturdier stitch. You will notice that as you stitch up the side, your stitching will help keep the 1 inch folded flap in place.

When you start your stitching start your first stitch between the layers of felt at the folded corner. That way your knot will be hidden.
After you completed the bottom and side stitching. Stitch along the folded side, going all the way to the top.
Once you have both sides sewn, you can add in your pencils.
If you wish, you can sew a side pocket for a special pencil by sewing a straight line from the bottom to the top of pocket along one side. You will be sewing the front and back of the pocket together. Just remember to give enough room for your pencil to fit in.
Take a piece of ribbon or lightweight cord and fold in half.
Place this double ribbon underneath the top button on one side.
Place the ends through the loop (where your ribbon is folded in half) and pull.
This should tie the ribbon around the button leaving two loose ends.
Tie knots on the ends to prevent the ribbon to unravel. Strings wrap around the buttons in a figure eight to close and keep your pencils wrapped safely inside.

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