Baby Yoda Pencil Topper

See video demonstration :

Who says writing has to be boring? Create this cute little guy to add onto your pencil. Maybe he can even give you inspiration!

What you need:

1 square of green felt (or other type of material)

1 square of tan felt (or other type of material)

2 black beads (can use black thread instead)

Filler (this can even be facial or toilet paper)

Thread – ideally green, tan and black. If not, the only color you absolutely have to have is black if you do not have black beads.


Print off and cut out the pattern for Baby Yoda’s head.

Trace his head twice onto your green material.

Cut out the 2 heads.

Determine where you would like his eyes. On the pattern is a recommendation.

Sew on the beads for his eyes on one of the green maerial heads.

Turn the beaded head so it is facing the other head. (Trust me on this. After you have sewed the 2 heads together you will turn it inside out, making it possible to see the eyes again!)

Carefully line the heads together and use pins to hold them in place.

After threading your needle with green thread and knotting one end, start sewing the 2 heads together. I recommend using a back stitch but a running stitch will work too. Do not sew the neck! It wont be the end of the world if you do. However, it will make it MUCH easier for you to turn him inside out, if you don’t. When you have finished sewing his head, make a knot, cut the thread.

Turn the head inside out. Use your pencil to help you by poking his ears in one at a time so you can grab them from the neck. As you gently pull on the ears, push the neck back so you can see more of the ears. After you have turned the head inside out (and you can see his eyes again!) use your pencil to poke gently inside along the seams. Otherwise he will be a bit misshaped.

Next stuff his head. Again using the pencil to help poke stuffing into the ears. You will not likely need to use all of the stuffing. You can add a bit of stuffing to the neck.

Now set the head aside.

Pick up the tan squarish material. This will be Yoda’s coat. Thread your needle with tan thread and knot at the end. Fold the material in half, lengthwise. Start sewing using a back stitch or running stitch along the side. Knot when you reach the end and cut thread. Turn inside out.

Insert the neck of Baby Yoda’s head inside the tan coat. Pin together. Using the tan thread with a knot at the end, sew the neck and coat together. It’s okay for this sewing to show since you will be putting a scarf around his neck which will hide your stitches. Make a knot to keep your stitches in place and cut the thread.

Find the long tan piece and wrap around the neck, crossing the ends like you were going to start tying your shoe. The end on top place directly on top of the other. Pin together. Then sew these pieces together to the coat. Try very hard not to let the thread show on the upper layer. Instead try to sew into the middle of the top layer. If this proves too difficult you can either choose to accept being a to see a stitch or use glue to keep it together. Either choice is totally fine.

You now have a pencil topper! May much wisdom be yours!

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