What Is This New Tween Section All About?

If you’ve been in the library lately, you have probably noticed that the children’s department is changing. Items have been moved around. A lot of items. In fact a whole new collection was created!

Have you seen this label and wondered what it was? Well, this is a book in our NEW Tween collection. This is a collection of books geared specifically at kids in grades 5 through 8.

In this collection, you will find a full range of genres to hit every interest level. The topics are perfect for the late elementary/middle school crowd. From a parent perspective, it is much easier to ensure your child is getting a book that is appropriately challenging but not overwhelming.

Browsing this new section is designed to be easier for kids to find the right book at the right interest level for them. To make it even easier, you will see genre stickers on some titles allowing kids and parents to grab a titles in genres they know they enjoy.

This new section isn’t done growing yet either! As you head back to school, we will be working hard to create the Tween Graphic Novels collection as well as the Tween Audio Books collection.

The next time you are in, be sure to check out this new collection. You will find some old favorites along with the newest in middle grade fiction here just waiting for you!

Miss Marta

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