What We Did in Storytime: Spiders


Spiders were on our minds, and our heads, in storytime today!



Opening Song: Well Hello Everybody Can You Touch Your Nose?

Source: jbrary

Today’s actions were touch your nose, pat your head, rub your tummy, and clap your hands.

The Very Busy Spider

by Eric Carle

We skipped a few pages in this book but it was a great introduction/review (depending on the age of our littles today) to a lot of animals.  We had fun making the animal sounds and seeing how the spider built her web.


Scarf Play:

Spider on the Floor

by Raffi

This song is a really fun one to play with scarves or shaker eggs.  Today, we used scarves and waved them from the floor up our body and landing on our heads!


Scarf Play:

Popcorn Kernels (to the tune of Frere Jacques)

The actions for this song are awesome and the littles love getting to POP at the end.  It is even great for the littlest littles because it can be a bounce!  To use this song as a bounce, you just have parents bounce of rock their little on their lap and then lift their little one into the air on “POP.”  You can also have them give tickles during the “shake them” portion.  Either way you sing this song, it will be a hit!


Popcorn kernels, popcorn kernels (wave scarf above head)

in the pot, in the pot (gather scarf in hands like you’re putting it in a pot)


Shake them, shake them, shake them,  (shake them in rhythm)

Shake them, shake them, shake them,

‘Til they POP! ‘Til they POP! (Toss scarf in the air)


Flannel Board: Five Little Kernels

This flannel board is short, sweet, and to the point!  You can use it in a few ways like practicing counting up and down and one to one correlation but it is also great because it lets littles start to anticipate and predict what is coming next and participate when the kernel will POP.  This may seem small but it is actually a really helpful early literacy skill!


Walter’s Wonderful Web

by Tim Hopgood

This book came out a few years ago and I was so glad to rediscover it.  Walter is trying to build webs but they all turn out wrong.  He makes triangles, squares, diamonds, but not a web like other spiders.  This is an excellent intro to shapes and a sweet story with a satisfying ending.  It is a tad on the long side, but not too long to work with the toddler crowd.  It is also fun to get the littles participating by having them call out the shapes Walter makes.


And that’s what we did in storytime!  I put out some fun spider activities in our play centers today that were a hit!  Sadly I wasn’t able to get many pictures, but here’s what we did:


Itsy Bitsy Spider Sorting Game:  I wrapped tubes (paper towel, toilet paper, etc) in 4 different colors of craft and construction paper that matched plastic spider rings we had handy.  I taped these tubes to a table that I flipped vertically (although putting them on a wall would work just as well) and the kids could sort the spider down the “waterspout” that matched their color.


Spider Painting:  Kids could stamp their own spiders using black finger paint and toilet paper tubes.  I cut slits of equal length up the toilet paper tubes about an inch and a half to two inches long creating four legs on each side of the tube.  I then removed the portion of the tube left between the two sections of legs.  Holding the tube from the top and pushing down on the legs, they splay out and create a cute little spider body!  Blot the legs in the black paint, then stamp it on paper.  For fun, we added googly eyes to ours!

Spider Seek and Find Sensory Bin:  I brought this idea from a couple of weeks ago back for one last session today and it was a hit!  The little love using the tweezers to find spiders and pumpkins in the grass.


The library is closed Monday, November 11th so check in to see what Miss Jessica did in storytime two weeks from today on November 18th!

Miss Marta


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