Saying thank you is important!

During preschool story time after scarf or shaky egg play the children bring their item back to me to be put away. As each child puts the item in the bin I’m holding I make eye contact and say thank you. I feel it is the perfect opportunity to have that small second of positive contact with them. It also seems to keep crowding to a minimum as each child knows that they will have my full attention for a brief moment of time and I believe they feel proud of themselves for being part of the team and making things work.


Seeing an adult lead by example does so much to teach them how to use those powerful words, but there are also lot of great books out there for helping your child make “please” and “thank you” a part of their good habits.  Here are a few of our favorites!

Are Pirates Polite? by Corinne Demas and Artemis Roehrig

Thank You, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

Monster Knows Please and Thank You by Connie Colwell Miller

Magic Little Words by Angele Delaunois

Rude Cakes by Rowboat Watkins

Time to Say “PLEASE”! by Mo Willems




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