Blogging?! Me ?!

Blog Post Ideas – HELP!



My supervisor has decided that each member of the Children’s Department will write a weekly blog post. OMG! Panic has gripped me. Can I find 52 things to write about each year that have relevance to the Children’s Department and that anyone will want to read? Panic mode.


I usually reread my email twice before I send them. I do bullet points so that I don’t have to worry about sentence structure and paragraphs. And now I need to put myself out there and attempt to be coherent. Dang! So I decided to just grab the bull by the horns and write whatever came to me. Margins – check. Font – check. Font size – check.  Pretty color for font – check. Well that took a minute and I am nowhere near actually typing a thought.  Nothing came to me.


Took my break and I came up with a few – so much for break time…


  • Programs in the Children’s Department
  • Favorite new books
  • Favorite read aloud books for story time
  • Favorite kid stories that happened in the library
  • Things that have happened in the department that other people can relate with
  • Seasonal crafts that I have tried or will try for the post
  • 10 books I can’t live without


I just might be able to do this…  What topics would help you and your child explore the world of Libraryland, books, and reading?  Comment below!

Miss Sarah


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