You Have What? New Puzzles!

Honestly, we hear the phrase “I didn’t know you have that,” frequently in our library.  Through no one’s fault, there are just little gems of specialty collections tucked away that, without really talking up, can be overlooked.  One such collection is our puzzles.  Many patrons don’t realize that while we have some really cool puzzles to play with while you are visiting the library, we also have some awesome ones you can check out just like you would a book to take home and enjoy!  Even better, we have a fresh batch of new puzzles that have just arrived and are ready to go home with you!

Many of our puzzles are geared at the toddler and pre-k set since the wooden puzzles and block puzzles tend to stand the test of time, but some of the more unique puzzles even capture the attention of some of our school-age patrons.  The magnetic puzzles and mazes are big winners in just about everyone’s book, regardless of age!


If you haven’t checked out our puzzles yet, ask us to show you them on your next visit!  They are just one of many special collections that is worth exploring!


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