Best of 2016


Making a top 10 list when you are constantly bombarded with great children’s book all year long is no joke!  As library staff, these are the types of lists we agonize over.  It is always amazing to me the painstaking efforts we make to come up with our end of year favorites here at MPL.  We create our lists, then critique them and do it again.   There are so many great choices and things can change quickly depending on how a book goes reading it to yourself versus reading it out loud to a group of kids and giving it a “test drive,” so to speak goes.  If it weren’t so stressful, it would almost be comical!

The end result though, is always my favorite part.  All that stress turns into a fun and amazing project!  I love hearing which books were standouts for my coworkers and how they used them in programming or with their own little people at home.  These lists have definitely stimulated some fun conversations in our department.  Hopefully they will spark you to check out some of these titles or even make your own list!  Be sure and check back tomorrow to see what made the number nine spot on our list.  Without further ado… our top 10!




Cry, Heart, But Never Break by Glenn Ringtved

Life wouldn’t be the same without death.  Death explains how he is needed.


A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young

Charming story of a girl who orders a Unicorn, but when Sparkle arrives, it isn’t quite what she had in mind.  This story has an excellent mix of humor and heart.  Sparkle may be a misfit, but by the end you and your little one will be rooting for him.


Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

Raymie wants to win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition; if she does, in her mind, maybe, just maybe, her father will come home.  Two-time Newbery medalist Kate DiCamillo shines again with the story of an unlikely summer friendship.


You Belong Here by M.H. Clark

Beautiful watercolor illustrations grace the gently rhyming text of this sweet read-aloud. A snuggle-worthy bedtime read for parents and kiddos.


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