Rave Reviews

Rave reviews is a new series we are kicking off to share books we have really enjoyed with you!  Check us out each month as we add new reviews from different children’s staff here at MPL.  Our first Rave Review comes from Janna.


I’ll confess: despite the sage advice to never to choose a book based on its cover, that’s exactly what I did. The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill caught my eye one afternoon lying abandoned on a shelf, and I simply had to read it.  The image of a girl standing fearless in front of a glowing full moon, commanding an army of glowing paper cranes, was enchanting, and thankfully, the story inside did not disappoint. Like all great fairy tales, The Girl Who Drank the Moon shows the light in a world filled with darkness and woe. For generations, the people of the Protectorate have endured the evils of the witch in the woods, living in constant fear for their lives, and paying the ultimate sacrifice to appease her. Only one boy dares to defy the Elders by seeking answers to questions no one else dares to ask. Locked away in a tower, a madwoman prays for a day of revenge, and an infant abandoned in the woods grows into her secret power. Stories long forgotten must be remembered to save this world from the evils of the Sorrow Eater, and the cloud of sadness that threatens to swallow them all.

Several stories in one, this magical tale weaves separate narratives together to a riveting conclusion that will leave even the most seasoned reader enthralled.


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