Read for the Win Summer Reading Club 2016 Has Arrived…




It’s here! It’s here! It’s FINALLY here!  Summer Reading Club registration begins today!  We have some exciting highlights this year!

Did you know….


That if 1,000 kids finish the Summer Reading Club challenge, the children’s staff here at MPL will dye our hair some fun and crazy colors?  Check back throughout the summer to see our progress!

We will be raffling off awesome prizes beyond the prizes kids will receive for all their reading!  Bikes, fun and so much more!

We have some awesome programs and events taking place this summer!  Check out this blog post to check them out!

Each child has a chance to help their school win $100 for their school library to buy new books!  If you go to school in Moline, you will get to put your name under your school when you have finished the program.  The school with the most finishers wins!


Summer reading is a great way to have some fun, earn some great prizes, and discover some amazing books at the library!  Come visit us today to register or click here to sign up online!


See you in the stacks!

Christina, Teresa, Sarah, Marta, and Janna


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