“Early” Early Readers


We get asked frequently about which easy (or early) reader books and series are the best for kids just learning to read.  One of our favorite series here is the I Like to Read series put out by Holiday House Publishing.  This series is a fresh take on early readers that has us all excited for a few reasons.

First, these books aren’t marketed as your typical early reader.  They don’t have the same size or steps assigned by other publishers.  Instead, these books are more like a regular picture when you see it from the outside.  Where most easy readers have a step or level system that the publisher has assigned, these books just have wonderful cover art by well known authors and illustrators.  This is a big confidence booster to kids who are a little self-conscious about reading the typical easy readers that are marked with steps and levels on the cover.

This isn’t to say these books aren’t leveled.  Holiday House Publishing has leveled the books using the Guided Reading format that most school districts use so there will be more consistency between what your child’s teacher is putting in his or her hands and what we are.  Click here to see the levels of their titles or ask us at the desk!  We have a list on hand of books we have that are leveled.

mice on ice

Hands down, the reason this series is a favorite here is that it takes authors and illustrators who make reading fun and exciting and gives stories that are filled with sight words (or rainbow words) and words that children just starting out can sound out on their own without needing a grammar lessonyes you can to do so.  This helps your child build confidence in the early stages of reading which will help them on their path to being a lifelong reader!


You can find all of these books (and more!) at the Moline Public Library:

The Fly Flew In by David Catrow
See Me Run by Paul Meisel
Car Goes Far by Michael Garland
Mice on Ice by Rebecca and Ed Emberley
You Can Do It! by Betsy Lewin


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