Playaway Bookpacks

We are excited to bring to you our latest collection in the Children’s Department:

Playaway® Bookpacks!

playaway bookpacks

We currently have 25 Playaway Bookpacks in our collection.  These are all-in-one “book set kits” that are packaged in an orange case – each case has several books and the audio of those books.  Bookpacks are an easy way for both beginning and struggling readers, auditory and special needs learners, and ESL patrons to develop literacy skills.

With Bookpacks, readers can improve their reading comprehension and retention, build phonemic awareness and fluency, and expand vocabulary skills.  They are a great literacy tool for all ages and reading abilities!

Here’s how to see what Bookpacks we have in the Moline Public Library collection:

Simply type “playaway bookpacks” in the keyword search field, and in the “Limit by” field, choose “Owned by Moline”, and t
here you go!


(Did you know when you’re doing a catalog search, there’s no need to capitalize any words?)

Check-out a Playaway Bookpack, and enjoy the ease of read-along book sets today!


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