Pokemon-palooza! Part 2

We Built this City.

Last Thursday, we hosted a Pokémon-palooza at the Moline Public Library.  About 150 people came out to talk Pokémon, swap cards, compete in our trivia competition, and more!  We had a fantastic time and think that the kids did, too!  Click through for a rundown of what we did, how we did it, and some bonus photos of the fun!  Check out our post from yesterday to see more!  Feel free to use any of our attached ideas and information.  We’re happy to share. Enjoy!

Gaming Tables

We wanted to make sure that people had plenty of places to play with their newly Pokémon swapped cards, so we took four of our round study tables and used them as playing tables.  We posted rules on each table, and directed patrons to the tables when they were looking for a place to play.

We ended up with many more people than expected, so lots of people made makeshift gaming areas on the floor and on our drawing tables (and in the trivia room).

Pokémon Evolution Chains Game

pokemon_06We are lucky enough to have a magnetic pillar in the children’s department and it comes in handy during these big programs!

We created three box evolution chains for the kids to complete with photos of the the characters.  We stuck with first generation Pokémon, to keep it easy and simple. We wrapped the pillar in blue paper and pasted up our chains.  Then we laminated photos of each of the characters in the chain and taped a magnet to the back.  We had three on each side of the pillar.

If you’d like to play this game, here is the file.



Pokémon Crafts and Drawing Tables

We knew that we would have a wide range of ages and that Pokémon fans range in their reasons for their interest, so we strove to add elements that would appeal to everyone.  As patrons entered the program, they were invited to create a mask, a Snorlax bookmark, and an origami Pikachu.  We also wrapped tables in paper and put out drawing instructions for various Pokémon characters.  These tables ended up being overrun by card swapping and playing, but we saw a few kids getting some drawing practice in.

We found our crafty inspiration on Pinterest.  The templates for our masks came via this pin from a French site.  Rather than tracing them onto felt like was done in the inspiration, we printed them out on cardstock and let the kids create their own using markers, scissors, and glue sticks. They were a big hit with all ages.

We found our origami Pikachu instructions here.  The actuapokemon_09l instructions are for an origami rabbit, so  we modified them in word and created an example.  The only supplies we put out for Pikachu were red and black markers and yellow paper (cut to be 7×7 inches).

snorlax instructions

(Click on photo for larger version.)

For the Snorlax bookmark, we combined the inspiration from this pin with a previously created corner bookmark.  We created templates (you can find them here: facebookmark and ears) and printed them out on blue and white construction paper.  The instructions were modified from previously used corner bookmark instructions.  The kids used scissors and glue sticks, along with the templates, to create their Snorlax.



Earning Pokémon Badges

We were inspired by this pin to create our own bin for earning Pokémon badges.  We purchased woodenpokemon_44 nickles and Mod Podged on various earnable badges.  To pair with these badges, we printed off 10 copies each of the badges and used our sticker making machine to create stickers out of them.  In total, we had 40 different badges, which were rotated out so that we wouldn’t run out of stickers right away.

We gave each of the kids 30 seconds to dig into a bucket of dry beans to find the wooden nickle badges.  Each one that they found, they received a sticker to match.  We figured that this would be popular with the younger kids that attended, but were surprised by how much the older kids enjoyed this activity, as well.

Raffle and Caterpie Guess

pokemon_45Our final activities were a raffle and a Caterpie guess jar.  A local card shop donatedstarter packs of cards, and we pulled out the 3 larger packs for the raffle.  We set out the raffle on the children’s information desk and made sure to let them know that they had to be present to win.

In addition to the raffle, we had a Caterpie Guess game.  We filled a mason jar with gummie worms and had the kids guess how many were in the jar.  The winner got to take the jar of worms home.



We were incredibly pleased at how the program turned out.  We had a large turnout of pleased patrons that were asking if we could do this every month!


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