Pokemon-palooza! Part 1

We Built this City.

Last Thursday, we hosted a Pokémon-palooza at the Moline Public Library.  About 150 people came out to talk Pokémon, swap cards, compete in our trivia competition, and more!  We had a fantastic time and think that the kids did, too!  Click through for a rundown of what we did, how we did it, and some bonus photos of the fun!  Check back tomorrow for even more about Pokémon-palooza!  Feel free to use any of our attached ideas and information.  We’re happy to share. Enjoy!


We were pretty simple with our decor for this program.  Using our projector, we traced various Pokémon characters onto paper and painted them.  They turned out great, and made a big impact when patrons entered the program.


We love making photobooths for our big programs!  They are always a huge hit and allow parents to get a few shots of their kids at the programs.  We wanted to include a bit of a Pokémon-esque element, so we made this one a cosplay photobooth.  I happened to have homemade Charmander (a tail and hat with eyes) and Ash Ketchum (a hat, vest, and gloves) costumes sitting around my house, so they became the cosplay element in our photobooth.

We also printed off images of the characters on cardstock and attached a large popcicle stick to them. The kids posed with the  that they caught!


We are not Pokémon experts around these parts, so the trivia took a long time to compile.  We used the Bulbapedia and The Pokémon Wiki to find out information about the various characters and to check to make sure that our information was correct.  We created 4 trivia sessions with 10 questions (and one tie-breaker question) and had sign-up sheets available for the kids to sign-up as teams of 2 when they got to the program.  We used our Eggspert kit for the kids to buzz in.

The winners of each round got a small starter card pack and a package of card protectors.  These were generously donated by a local card shop and were a big hit!

The trivia went over really well, but became a challenge when the trivia room was overrun by kids looking for a place to swap.  It became very loud!  I had the privileged of running the trivia contests, and I was surprised I was left with a voice the next day!

Here are our trivia games:
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

Card Swap

The card swap had us sweating a bit.  We were fearful that we’d have arguments, frustration, and card swap rulespossibly tears.  Our fears were unfounded.  A great group of kids (and adults!) came out and swapped fairly all night.

We were lucky to have cards donated by a couple of fellow MPL employees.  These started the swap table.  We made a sign with the basic rules in Canva and one of us stayed close to the table all night to make sure that there weren’t any major issues.

This was a very popular station.


Join us tomorrow for even more!


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