Link Grab Bag – 2015 begins

Link Grab Bag (3)

(Via: Time, The Atlantic, Rivershare Catalog, Plain Vanilla Mom)


Oops!  With all of the end of the year favorites excitement, we forgot to post our Link Grab Bag in December!  Here’s the list, with some 2015 links added in.

  • According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, more than half of babies sleep with unsafe bedding.  Click through to read more.
  • Looking for early reader books for your new reader?  It isn’t easy to find books with simple words and no sentences that are still appealing to emerging readers.  School Library Journal’s Betsy Bird suggests some series that would be perfect for your new reader.  Stop in to the library and we can help you find them!
  • Time has compiled lists of the 100 Best Children’s Books and the 100 Best Young Adult Books.  Do you agree with these lists?  Is your favorite included?
  • We love this Sensory Bag for Baby idea from Plain Vanilla Mom’s blog.  Remember that Baby Bounce is on Monday (January 12th) at 6:30, and we’ll be showing you our own sensory art idea!
  • reports that according to Scholastic, 73% of kids surveyed said that they’d read more if they could find more books that appeal to them.  So, the key to getting kids to read might just be finding the right book.  We’d love to help find that book for your kids!

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