Best of 2014 – #8

MPL KidsBest Reads 2014 (2)

We read a lot around these parts.  We read picture books, easy readers, graphic novels, non-fiction, juvenile fiction, young adult fiction, and sometimes we even get a chance to pick up a novel intended for adults.  For the next ten days, we’re going to count down to our favorite kids book we read this year.  Check back daily to see if your favorite made our list!  Today we’re looking at #8.

Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley

In one summer, Cullen deals with death, love, a town gone crazy over an extinct woodpecker, and the disappearance of his younger brother.  Through each day you see Cullen try to juggle the emotions that come with all of these events and realize how each plays into the other as the big picture comes together. -Marta

I’m not Scared by Jonathan Allen

Several animals pop up along the way as Baby Owl and his stuffie, Owly, take a midnight stroll.  Baby Owl keeps insisting to each animal that he’s not scared; that owls are supposed to be out at night.  Can he convince them that it’s really Owly who is the scared one? This is an adorable follow-up to the author’s I’m Not Cute! and I’m Not Ready! titles. – Teresa

How to Behave at a Tea Party by Madelyn Rosenberg

After a rough start the best Tea Party ever happens. -Sarah

Magic Marks the Spot (A Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates Series) by Caroline Carlson

Who says girls can’t be pirates? Hilary’s father wants her to go to Miss Prim’s finishing school but Hilary has different plans. -Christina

Loot: How to Steal a Fortune by Jude Watson

This middle-grade adventure is just a lot of fun.  Watson does an excellent job developing fully-fleshed, sympathetic characters, in an otherwise plot-driven novel.  A great choice for fans of Stuart Gibbs and Gordon Korman — this is a guaranteed winner with most 3rd-5th graders. -Amanda


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