Link Grab Bag

Link Grab Bag

(via: NYTimes, Library Catalog, What We Do All Day, USDA)

  • Reading to your children from birth is highly recommended, so the format of the book shouldn’t matter, right?  An e-book and a paper book will convey the same things to your children as you read?  This New York Times article looks at the (limited) research on the use of screens as reading tools with young children.
  • We love this list of the 50 best culturally diverse children’s books from the Guardian!  There are a lot of our familiar favorites mixed with books that are new to us.  We have some reading to do!
  • This list of research sites that Melissa Depper uses to find information for her blog is fantastic.  It is a great source for parents and people who work with children.  We’ve already bookmarked them!
  • We just had a post yesterday about the importance of failure in developing ideas and growing.  This article is a great walk through of how failure is an essential part of science.  We love the simplicity of the post and think it would be a great share with kids that are struggling with failure.
  • For years we’ve worried about the quantity of words that developing brains hear and learn to speak, but researchers are now looking at the quality of those words and how that effects children’s development. This article takes a look at that research and what it means in the real world.
  • How much does it cost to raise a child from birth to age 17?  This report and this calculator from the USDA can give you an estimate of what you should plan to spend.  More than you thought?

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