New Favorite Parent & Teacher Resources

IMG_20141015_091048The Moline Public Library’s Children’s Department strives to be a resource not only for our youngest patrons, but also their parents, caregivers, and educators.  We have a continuously growing and updating collection of print and audio visual materials in our Parent/Teacher Collection (located on the first floor across from the public use computers).

We’re also on constant search for new online resources that may help us serve our patrons better.  Below I’ve listed some of our favorite websites for helping kids and adults in the library.

Scholastic Book Wizard: This helpful tool (also available as a mobile app) helps find books at your student’s reading level.  It is a great source for read-alikes, author videos and information, lesson plans, book discussion, and more.

Born Learning: Sponsored by the United Way, Born Learning provides parents with tips on how to expand your learning opportunities during every day activities and explains learning milestones and stages.

Common Sense Media: Ever wonder if a book, video game, or movie would be appropriate for your child?  This website gives reviews and recommended age ratings for materials for children.  There are professional ratings, as well as reviews and comments from adults and children.

U.S. Department of Education: A great overall guide for parents as their kids make their way through the public education system with links to helpful resources and tip sheets for parents in specific situations.  This is especially helpful for parents navigating the special education system.

The National PTA: The National PTA provides great advocacy tips and materials.  Their Parent Guides give parents an overview of what to expect their kids to learn at each grade level and tips for communicating with your child’s teacher.

Various homeschooling websites will help provide assistance for parents pursuing that route in education.  These are typically specific to the type of homeschooling methodology you might want to pursue.  Here are a few:  Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Classical, Leadership Education, Interest-Led Learning (unschooling), and Montessori.

Looking for more resources?  Visit us at the Children’s Desk and we’d be happy to help!  And don’t forget to check out some of our new additions to the Parent/Teacher Collection.



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