Fall Reading List, part 1

We’ve had some great new middle grade books make an appearance at the library the last few weeks that we can’t wait for you to check out.  This week we want to introduce you to 6 of them and suggest some of our favorites to pair with these fun new reads!


Brown Girl Dreaming (2)

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson
This free-verse memoir (from one of my favorite children’s authors) is classic Jacqueline Woodson.  Taking on difficult subjects — bullying, religion, racism, coming of age — Woodson is always elegant and gentle, yet powerful.  The beautiful poems in Brown Girl Dreaming tell a story of how a girl became a woman, and how that woman became a writer.

Pair this book with some of Woodson’s best:

Chiggers by Hope Larson
Hope Larson’s newest graphic novel deals with the challenge of returning to a place that you love and realizing that it has changed.  Abby has fond memories of camp, but she is disappointed when she returns to find that her closest camp friend is now a cabin assistant and is too busy to spend time with her.  Being a year older, Abby finds that making friendships is not nearly as easy, and comes with a lot more stress.  This is a charming graphic novel that pre-teens will find easy to relate.

Pair this book with other books about friendship and growing up:

How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes are Untied by Jess Keating

Shy 12-year-old Ana is miserable.  Her parents recently moved the whole family into a zoo, the popular girls at school are making her life miserable, and her best friend recently moved from Denver to New Zealand.  And when it seems like things can’t get worse, Ana’s famous naturalist grandfather shows up and wants to include the family in his new reality show.  That means that Ana has to be on camera for the whole world to witness her awkwardness.  Author Jess Keating’s first book (her next book will be out in January) is a relatable, funny read with broad appeal. (Check out this fun interview with Keating on the Mr. Schu Reads blog.)

Pair this book with other funny books about middle-schoolers:

Tomorrow we’ll talk about Loot, El Deafo, and The Graveyard Book (graphic novel)!


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