Link Roundup August


(Source: NPR)

NPR is reporting that your kid’s drawings might give us a modest insight into “her thinking skills at 14 according to a study published in the journal Psychological Science.”  What do you think?

american shelter dog

(Source: University of Illinois Extension)

We’re loving this great kid-friendly round-up of dog breeds from the University of Illinois Extension.  A great intro for anyone looking to adopt a dog, or for your curious dog lover.

Salman Khan from the Khan Academy wrote an interesting piece on why he doesn’t tell his son that he’s smart.  Using research to back up his thinking, this is an thought provoking piece for parents as they try to develop life-long learners.


(Source: Wired)

We’re getting pretty psyched about the upcoming Mockingjay Part 1 movie (only 84 more days, not that we’re counting!)  So we’re always excited to see new teasers, like these stark new posters of the rebel fighters.

We’re loving this interview with American Born Chinese and Boxers & Saints author, Gene Luen Yang.  He is insightful and funny, just like his fantastic graphic novels.  If you haven’t read anything of his, I’d encourage you to check some of his books out today!



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