Link Round-Up

via NPR (originally on Kickstarter)

via NPR (originally on Kickstarter)

15-year-old Gideon Gidori, is an aspiring astronaut from Tanzania is trying to raise money for tuition. In return, he and his host parents have “promised to throw the “greatest potato salad party in Tanzanian history” the day Gidori lifts off into space for the first time.” A really sweet story about a boy with a big dream. (Link)

We’re always trying to think up new S.T.E.A.M. projects for the Exploratorium, and we are loving this post featuring 12 Amazing Engineering Projects for Kids.  I wish we could all create our own geoboards! (Link)

We’re fans of Book Riot around these parts, and this list is no exception!  It makes me want to re-read all of my childhood favorites!  BUT I think that all ofindex Roald Dahl’s books (particularly Matilda) should have made it on this list. (Link)

Writer Brent Gleeson breaks down the 5 Similarities Between Leadership and Parenting in this Forbes article.  Some of them seem obvious after reading, but I don’t think I’ve ever really thought of it this way before. (Link)

This is a fantastic read from the exceptional site, Boing Boing, about How Harry Potter Shaped a Generation.  Can you think of a series or a book that shaped you as a kid? (Link)



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