How-To: Make a Dump Truck flannel board!

dump trucks

Parents often ask where we get ideas for story times and programs, and we’re quick to say, “PINTEREST!”  And while it is true, we also do our fair share of thinking up crafts and activities on our own or as a department.  To be honest, our programs are a pretty even mixture of inspiration (from Pinterest, teacher and librarian blogs, and parenting sites) and imagination.  That was definitely the case for the Dump Truck flannel board (sometimes called a felt board) that I created for this week’s Wee Wigglers!

I really loved YA Librarian Tales‘ 10 Little Dump Trucks rhyme and flannel dump trucks and felt inspired by Felt Board Idea’s transportation felt boards, but wanted to make mine a little simpler for the toddlers that attend the Wee Wigglers program.  I remembered hearing the simple rhyme “Five big dump trucks rolling down the road, one pulls off to unload.  Four big dump trucks…” (and so on) years ago, and thought that it would be a great rhyme to accompany my felt trucks.  So, with that in mind, I started creating!

I’m not a great free-hand artist, so (shhhh…) I cheat a little while making flannel boards.  I start out by printing a simple illustration of the thing that I’m creating.  In this case, I found a clip art dump truck that looked similar to what I wanted:
dumptruckAfter sizing this photo and printing it out onto cardstock, I cut it out with some simple modifications (as you’ll see in the final product).

To make the process easier for you, I have created a simple template to replicate my little (big) dump trucks.  Feel free to use the template at home and share with others!  Hope you and your little ones enjoy!


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